More details emerge about Royal Family Christmas, without Harry and Meghan again

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle won’t be joining the Royal Family for their Christmas festivities this year and once again, due to an important reason as stated by the real experts. King Charles III extended the olive branch last month, but royal experts suspect the couple will reject it, and many of his relatives won’t dislike it.

The royal biographer, Angela Levin, even went so far as to say that the rest of the family will be relieved that the ex-royals won’t attend. She told The Sun that Queen Elizabeth II’s passing means there won’t be as much pressure to get the whole family together, which is a good thing because it looks like Harry and Meghan won’t be around.

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Meanwhile, when it comes to the princes of Wales, Angela is sure that Guillermo and Catalina will be there next to King Carlos III and Queen Camila during part of the holidays that were so important to the late monarch. But Harry and Meghan aren’t going, which will be a huge relief to the rest of the royal family.

The main reason for the early rejection of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is the fear surrounding the reactions to their documentary of Netflix. This series, which will launch on December 8, will talk about other members of the family, including King Charles, Camilla and Prince William, it is claimed.

This controversial premiere comes despite the Duke and Duchess of Sussex reportedly requesting a delay to their £88 million show, asking for it to run until after Christmas. It’s very interesting that they tried, especially Harry, very, very hard to get him out after such a significant date, the royal specialist said.

Christmas this year will be very different for the Royal Family, without Elizabeth II

In California, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex just threw another big holiday without the royal family. The couple enjoyed a relaxed Thanksgiving, while in recent years the family spent the holidays with Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, at her California mansion. Harry and Meghan often enjoy a home-cooked meal of traditional Thanksgiving dishes.

This occurs when Charles III’s Windsor Castle Christmas decorations revealed and fans saw a hidden tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. Standing at a whopping 20 feet, the real pine Christmas tree will sparkle with gold, purple and red decorations dotted around twinkling lights; The king’s late mother was known to wear the shade of purple and was often said to be her favorite colour.

The Waterloo chamber has also been transformed into a Winter Wonderland with crowns and ornaments hung everywhere. The Grand Staircase could also be mistaken for the entrance to Santa’s Grotto, with festive decorations draped all the way down the railing. This will be the monarchy’s first Christmas without the late monarch, who passed away on September 8.

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According to reports, the celebrations will be much less formal than usual. There will be no bowing or watching King Charles’ possible pre-recorded TV speech, making it a less buttoned-down affair than it used to be, but other Christmas traditions will continue. Princes George and Louis, along with Princess Charlotte, will unwrap their presents on Christmas Eve and exchange gifts at tea time.

More details emerge about Royal Family Christmas, without Harry and Meghan again