Mine: banal family portrait or peak of its author? [critique]

The new director Roschdy Zem divides the editorial staff of Première.


The explosive family unit is the number one genre of French cinema, perhaps missing here the big house in the countryside with the related trinkets and broken crockery in every corner. Social class issue. However, there are still a few beautiful apartments with a view of a sad Paris. Maïwenn, both in the script and in front of the camera, knows a lot about it, she who with Excuse me, got naked like no one else. Roschdy Zem tries with this new feature film as a filmmaker the self-analysis or even the act of contrition of the self-centered actor who by dint of talking only about himself has not heard what “his people” had to tell him. Does this make a good subject? Not sure, especially, that the filmmaker-actor sees his ego forcing the frame in spite of himself and sends to the rescue dialogues multiplying clumsy calls to order: “ You don’t pay attention to us! », « You are depriving yourself of good times… From then on, the entourage can only be considered as a necessarily nice and close-knit tribe, where everyone tries to exist by accentuating their distinction (the sister who is too nice, the brother who is a little clumsy, the clever teenagers, etc.). there is however the trigger, this brother who after a shock on the head, tells his four truths to the rest of the family (Sami Bouajila, perfect in a register yet breaks the face) Problem, he does not say anything other than what the film struggles to demonstrate elsewhere (selfishness is a bad fault…) We tell ourselves all the same that the side of comedy could save the furniture, unfortunately the film never manages to find the right measure, preferring to fall back on the legs of a family comedy that can’t end badly. Roschdy Zem finds himself at the end of the race without too many resources, well obliged to erase the note in a unifying and unifying gesture. We believe it means.

Thomas Bauras


It is precisely at the end that we want to begin to celebrate the new Roschdy Zem. A symbolic scene of what the film tells – in a tasty cocktail of emotions at the antipodes, able to go from laughter to tears without ever twisting your arm – and of the exceptional moment that its author is experiencing. . Zem splits the armor there as we have just seen him do, in Other people’s children and The Innocent, going where you least expect it with perfectly fluid gestures. Because by drawing inspiration from a story experienced by his brother, he comes full circle, sixteen years later bad faith, his first production where he already put a lot of himself but without claiming it as here. And this exercise in introspection where he does not give himself a gift by giving himself the most above-ground role of this tribe never tips over into self-centrism. Because what he expresses there on the family, a place enveloping to the point of suffocation from which one must extricate oneself in order to appreciate its virtues, avoiding the too expected cultural and religious prism, speaks to everyone. And by the generous look that this great director of actors has on his partners. When you love actresses and actors, how not to adore Mine where, from Bouajila to Rachid Bouchareb (for his – exciting – debut in front of the camera) via his daughter Nina (a revelation), the always perfect Meriem Serbah and Abel Jafri or Maiwenn in a peaceful register that suits him perfectly, Roschdy Zem brought together his family of blood and heart to tell this story, leaving each character room to exist and therefore each actor room to play without ever damaging the chorality of his story. No place here, however, for a demonstration. Zem is anything but a lesson giver. It simply invites sharing. His sixth feature is the most ambitious and exciting. We gladly make our own.

Thierry Cheze

Of Roschdy Zem. With Sami Bouajila, Roschdy Zem, Maiwenn… Duration 1h25. Released November 23, 2022

Mine: banal family portrait or peak of its author? [critique]