meeting with the Riquelme family, 6 children and a caring mother

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The start of the new season of Large Families: Life in XXL is fast approaching. With 6 new families, the Riquelmes risk winning the hearts of the public. Meet

In the reality TV show Families Large: life in XXL, all the participants have a particularity. In addition to being large families, they stand out from each other more or less blatantly. November 28, the new season will arrive in force on TF1 with new faces, in total 6 families are joining the adventure. After meeting the Baudrand family with 5 teenagers and triplets very young, focus on the Riquelme family.

Stéphanie is 33 years old and she is at the head of a great tribe that she presented to us “I am the proud mother of 6 children, Kelya 10 years old, Kalyanah 9 years old, Kélennah 7 years old, Giulyano 6 years old, Giullyan 5 years old and Livyo 2 years old. I have been in a relationship with Jérémy for 13 years and he is 33 too. The show is not new to them, they have been watching it for years now, just like Stephanie’s mother-in-law…

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The show: a favorite for the whole family

“We’ve been watching the show since the beginning, those around me have always asked me why I didn’t participate in this show. Often I answered by saying, but why would we be interested in our family, what does my family have more than the others. I have a friend Leslie who harassed me for almost a year to participate, so I started to do the first part and it worked! We heard that filming was very restrictive and tiring, but we experienced it quite the opposite.
For us it was really a great experience, you only have this opportunity once in your life. In the end, we were very happy with having the cameras at home. In the beginning, the children watched and stared at the camera all the time and then it quickly became a habit, they no longer paid attention. If we had to do it again, we would do it again!”

Their particularity? A very present mother-in-law

“I’m very close to my mother-in-law, I get on really well with her. It’s a bit what differentiates us from other families. My mother-in-law is regularly at home so she is very close to my children too. Sharing moments with her grandchildren, I think that’s what keeps her young. When my mother-in-law comes home, she helps me with household chores, but she mainly comes to spend time with her grandchildren. Our biggest challenge is to manage everything, married life and family life! On one side there is the mother who takes care of the children and on the other the woman who maintains her couple. If we can’t manage to separate things between the two, neither the family nor the couple will work.”

Parenting writer

Zoé is on a work-study program, she joined the aufeminin team in September 2022, she writes for the parenting section. Committed and curious, Zoé likes to write to advance…

meeting with the Riquelme family, 6 children and a caring mother-in-law