Marko Rus (Alternative for Italy): “Measures for the family and the birth rate to restart Italy”

Alternative for Italy, in asking for the vote for the political elections of 25 September 2022, recalls the five points of the Popolo della Famiglia program.

Measures for the family and for the birth rate

One of the great problems of Italy is the denatality. With fewer active workers and their contributions, the “welfare” structures such as health, education, social security and assistance, with the current low birth rates will have to greatly reduce their benefits to citizens, being close to collapse.

It is necessary to have a clear influence on current culture, to reduce the harmful effects of single thought in particular of the false theory of “gender” and of the insistent propaganda of materialistic consumerism.

Educational freedom must be restored for schools and universities, with direct and free choice for families, against the imposition of a single thought and the ideology of “gender”

In direct support of the birth rate we propose maternity income and the tax reform also with the introduction of the family quotient. Our bill presented to Parliament with more than 60,000 signatures provides for the payment to Italian citizens of 1000 euros per month for each new born, for eight years from birth; for life from the fourth child onwards and for each disabled infant.

For young married couples under the age of 40, we offer effective support for the right to stable work, i.e. regular permanent contracts with fair remuneration. The survival and growth of small and very small family-run businesses must be encouraged with precise measures, as well as artisans and professionals, especially for the under 40s, as a way of self-employment and combating unemployment.

Emphasis on categories most in need of care and financial support

In Italy there are almost six million citizens below the poverty line, and lonely people, without pension, sick, elderly, disabled, etc. In its program, our party offers care and financial support for the elderly who are alone, physically or mentally ill, disabled and poor whether they reside in their homes or with children or other relatives, and in retirement homes, nursing homes, or homes for the elderly. . The party proposes the immediate increase to 1000 euros per month of the minimum retirement and disability pensions.

Another category of vulnerable people, especially young people between 13 and 24, which requires urgent measures, are the victims of addictions to alcohol, drugs, sex, pornography and gambling.

Other policy measures and decisions

It is necessary to decisively reject any direct or legislative support for the expansion of multinational companies, to the detriment of Italian companies, especially those that through their group organization do not pay taxes in Italy, or elsewhere.

In the same way, the Italian state must provide greater defense of national sovereignty and the interests of Italians from the interference of supranational technocratic structures. For example, eliminate the shipment of arms to Ukraine and the restrictions on trade with Russia.

To ensure the full freedom of Italians, it is also necessary to avoid the digitization of the citizen’s identity also through control tools such as the infamous “green pass” and the obligation to vaccinate.

Finally, a presidential constitutional reform by direct election of the Prime Minister that prevents executive power from falling into the hands of a technocrat not elected by the people is essential.

In other words, our social and economic proposals also aim to reduce the negative effects on life, birth, family and social and cultural life of ideologies, which for reasons of mere economic convenience, want to increase abortions, euthanasia. and assisted suicide, etc., to the detriment of growth and life in the Bel Paese.

We appeal to all citizens to go and vote. To vote with conscience and knowledge, choosing the party on the basis of non-negotiable principles on life, family, birth rate and the care of the elderly and the sick. The people who do not vote, and they are almost 42%, actually without knowing it vote for the parties that have governed us badly in the last 40 years, and that have introduced laws against life and the family.

Therefore, we trust that on 25 September you will vote and get the Alternative for Italy to vote.

Marko Rus (Alternative for Italy): “Measures for the family and the birth rate to restart Italy”