Marcos Casini: “Legnano is the right choice for me and my family”

WOOD – The captain of the Legnano Knights Juan Marcos Casini is told exclusively to Sport Legnanotalking about the current season, his love for the sport and his private life.

Marcos, the last match, against Pielle Livorno, brought a great victory, obtained “as a team” with great concentration and tenacity. Is this a win that can change the season for the Knights?
“We needed that victory. We’re a good team, we’ve lost three games by very little, we’re here, we need to be less fluctuating and we’re slowly regaining confidence and the various aches and pains we’ve had so far.”

In the match you won against Pielle you had a very high playing time and you were very decisive for the victory. What is, at 42, the secret of your incredible longevity?
“There is no secret, I have to thank the Lord for the physical and athletic characteristics he has given me. Then, as I always tell the guys I train, everything must be cultivated and trained, you have to stay fit, make sacrifices, be careful with your diet, rest well. And the more the years go by, the more these things need to be done with greater attention. I’ll give you the example of Javier Zanetti, an example of discipline, training and body care that allowed him to play at the highest level for many years”

You Marcos don’t seem like someone who spends his nights going crazy around…
“But no, in fact, I have a family, I have children, which change your perspectives and priorities. “Night nights” must be spent when young, now if I go on an “exit” I need three days to recover” (laughs)

At the home matches at the PalaBorsani we always see one of your children playing and shooting for a basket. He is still very small but he always makes the basket… he took everything from his father!
“He is 5 years old but has a great passion for sport inside. I passed it on to her like my parents did to me. Physical activity, running, climbing, little things that unfortunately today the average children don’t do. My son wakes up already with the ball in his hand, in every room of our house there is a basket! The fact that he warms up with me before matches is great, and looking back on it in a few years will be very exciting.”

How did the idea of ​​moving to the Knights come about?
“I had come to play many times in Legnano as an opponent, with Rieti, Reggio Calabria, Ravenna. But I already lived a few tens of kilometers from Legnano! And I had many former Knights teammates, guys who had played in Legnano. When I had the opportunity to come to Legnano to play and also coach a team from the youth sector, all the former Knights I knew advised me to accept, telling me that I would be fine, that Legnano is a good club. Then I spoke with Maurizio (Basilico, historic GM of the Knights), a down-to-earth and decent person. He explained to me that Legnano is a serious company, that the environment is familiar and gives them the opportunity to do well and express themselves at their best. Then there are many Inter fans, it’s nice to go all together to watch the games and it’s nice to be able to have friendships off the pitch. Coming to play in Legnano was the right choice for me and my family”

What are your other passions besides basketball?
“Football is the greatest passion, but also video games and books, perhaps history. By studying history we can avoid making the same mistakes of the past. And then of course spending time with my wife and kids”

Marcos Casini: “Legnano is the right choice for me and my family” –