Mañueco announces that a family will be able to save up to 3,000 euros per student with the help of the Board
| 09/23/2022 – 1:38 p.m.

During the inauguration of the 2022-2023 school year in Castilla y León, held this morning at the IES Conde Diego Porcelos, in Burgos, the president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, announced for this legislature an increase in aid to families to meet school expenses in light of the economic situation.

Thus, he recalled that free education is already offered for 2 to 3 years. And the next course, also from 1 to 2 years.

This legislature, added the president, will reach 50% of students with free books. And 30,000 users, of the 40,000 total, go to the school canteen for free or with a bonus.

The Board also offers free school transportation to 35,500 students.

In addition to these grants, there will be a new scholarship for transportation and maintenance for VET students who do their internships outside their place of residence. There will be 10,000 grants of this type at the end of the legislature.

In addition, aid for the acquisition of digital devices represents an average of 150 euros per beneficiary.

With these and other measures of the Board, a family can save 3,000 euros per child of school age, according to the regional president, who has stressed that, as a whole, a sum of 137 remains in the families’ pockets millions of euros.

VET more powerful and connected to companies

On the other hand, the Junta de Castilla y León will continue betting on Vocational Training connected to companies. In this sense, the president has informed that all the new cycles that are implemented from now on will have a dual character and the existing ones will be progressively adapted so that all VT is dual during this legislature. Therefore, it will go from 1,500 Dual Vocational Training students to more than 40,000; and from 580 companies involved to 10,000 this legislature.

To do this, the Board will give more support to SMEs to create dual learning jobs; and will increment the new cycles up to 130.

In the words of the president, the Board is committed to a VT that is closer to the territory, adapted to the productive fabric and employment of each area, while advancing that the Board will launch the Support Center for Teaching, Digitization, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Vocational Training in Castilla y León.

Better conditions for professionals

Alfonso Fernández Mañueco has also announced better conditions for professionals. Thus, the Board has begun to apply the drop in student ratios per group to have the lowest in Spain; and reduce school hours.

It is also improving the templates, with almost 650 more teachers than last year and next year more than 3,600 teaching staff positions will be convened, to continue lowering their interim.

In addition, the regional administration is improving the remuneration of professional careers both in the public network and in the concerted network. Castilla y León is also the autonomous community that invests the most in teacher training.

More modern, connected and equipped centers

The president has indicated that there is constant improvement in educational centers, such as the Villímar school in Burgos, which is already operating, or the Diego de Siloé secondary school, which is going to be expanded.

In this sense, he has stated that more than 60 million will be invested in new construction in this legislature and a definitive boost will be given to school digitization. In 2022 and 2023, 52.2 million euros for laptops or digital whiteboards.

All the centers are already connected with high-speed internet, and work is being done to connect all the classrooms, 16,000, with almost 23 million.

Bet on quality

On the other hand, Fernández Mañueco has assured that the Board guarantees the free choice of center for families and the commitment to education sustained with public funds, in public and concerted centers.

In addition, he has indicated that the reinforcement of students who need it is improved. The reinforcement in Mathematics and Language has just been extended to the 1st year of ESO and to reading and writing in the 3rd year of Primary.

In his speech before a representation of the educational community, the president insisted on a single EBAU, so that there is genuine equality of access to university in Spain.

Fernández Mañueco has claimed a big commitment to Education as corroborated by independent reference reports: Castilla y León is a leader in Education.

But the president has acknowledged having the ambition to go further and continue to be the best, with more support for families; a more powerful and connected FP with the surrounding companies; better conditions for professionals; more modern, connected and equipped centers; and betting on quality in an education of excellence.

Mañueco announces that a family will be able to save up to 3,000 euros per student with the help of the Board – Burgos Noticias | – Burgos Digital Newspaper – Information, News and Current Events