Maneuver 2023, all the bonuses approved by the Meloni government: bills, family, pensions

Very few the bonuses included in the 2023 Maneuver: the Government led by Giorgia Meloni, on the other hand, intends to eliminate “useless bonuses” to use resources more efficiently, in particular to finance pensions and cut the tax wedge.

We had already listed some of the bonuses that will disappear from next year, while there are still some concessions available until 31 December 2022.

But what are the new bonuses coming thanks to the 2023 Budget Law?

Here is an overview of all the concessions that families will be able to request from 1 January 2023: bill bonus, spending savings card, “twins” bonus, Maroni bonus on pensions, and decoder bonus.

Maneuver 2023: bill bonus confirmed with new ISEE thresholds

There Budget Law 2023 has confirmed the bill bonus for families, but raised the ISEE threshold for accessing discounts on electricity and gas. All alone for the first quarter of the year (unless further extensions).

Based on the provisions of the Ukrainian decree – approved by the former Draghi government – the social bonus on bills could be requested by families with ISEE up to 12,000 euros.

There Maneuver 2023Instead, it extended the thresholds ISEE up to 15,000 euroswidening the audience of potential beneficiaries of the discounts on electricity and gasas a result of the energy crisis.

The income threshold that allows large families to access the subsidy remains fixed at 20,000 euros.

To obtain the reductions in the bill it is enough simply present the DSU (Single Substitute Declaration) for the purpose of calculating the ISEE. Arera will then automatically apply the bill bonus to eligible families.

Maneuver 2023: new spending savings card for families in difficulty

A novelty for next year concerns the introduction of the savings carda kind of bonus for low-income families that allows you to save on the purchase of basic necessities. How does it work?

For families who own a income up to 15,000 euros a benefit called was introduced savings card: this card will be managed by the municipalities to help households in difficulty due to inflation.

it seems that this spending savings card can go to replace vouchers of the Municipalities and even the Purchasing Card, or social card.

Furthermore, this new facilitation seems to be more effective than the VAT cut on bread, milk and pasta (which is NOT foreseen). While it has been confirmed VAT reduction on sanitary towels and on baby products.

Maneuver 2023, single check with “twins” bonus: who is it up to?

Still in the context of aid for families, the 2023 Maneuver introduces a sort of bonus “twins”: in reality it is a cash prize on the single check.

In addition to the revaluation and the increases foreseen on the single check from 2023are also on the way doubling of the premium for large families (from 100 euros to 200 euros), and a new bonus for parents of twins.

Very few details are known about this facility, but it seems to be exclusive to families who have given birth, adopted or fostered twins: there is a increase of 100 euros for the first three years of a child’s life.

Maneuver 2023, double Maroni bonus on pensions: what does it foresee?

Let’s go to the chapter pensions: in addition to the announcement of a 120% revaluation of the minimum treatments and the extension of the Women’s Option (with age thresholds based on the number of children), the Meloni Government has also introduced the Maroni bonus. What does it involve and who can get it?

We are talking about a double bonus which, on the one hand, consists of a prize for all those who, instead of requesting a pension after having met the minimum requirements, decide to continue working for a few more years. On the other hand, however, it concerns the minimum treatments.

The first Maroni bonus, named after Robert Maroni (the former Lega minister who died on November 22, 2022) consists of one 10% contribution relief on salary for those who have reached 41 years of contributions but want to continue working.

The second Maroni bonus, on the other hand, concerns the minimum pensionswhich will be revalued by 120% up to 570 euros per month.

Maneuver 2023, is the TV and decoder bonus back?

Finally, there is the node on TV bonuses and decoders: will the discount for the purchase of new appliances be refinanced by the government led by Giorgia Meloni?

As we know, funds for 2022 have been exhausted before the natural deadline (12 November instead of 31 December 2022) and the arrival of the new digital terrestrial is now imminent.

Hence, the Ministry of Economic Development has requested additional funding to guarantee a contribution that follows the previous ones:

  • decoder bonuses30 euros for families with ISEE up to 20,000 euros;

  • TV scrapping bonusup to 100 euros for everyone (after scrapping).

It is not clear whether the TV and decoder bonus has been included in the Maneuver or whether it is the subject of a subsequent amendment. We will find out in the coming months.

Maneuver 2023, all the bonuses approved by the Meloni government: bills, family, pensions