Man who claims to be Charles and Camilla’s hidden son wants to meet Harry: ‘We are both the black sheep of the Royal Family’

Simon Dorante Day spoke of his “connection” with the Duke of sussexjust hours after the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. The Australian, who claims to be the son of King Charles III and Camilla, has opened up about his plans to meet Harry, the Duke of sussex. Simon Dorante Day made headlines around the world with his claims, which he says are the result of decades of research.

He is speaking out today about his desire to strike up a relationship with Harry and his wife Meghan, Duchess of sussexwho he says are “very badly treated” by the royal family.

I think Harry and I have a lot in common, really a lot.“, he told all the members of the royal family, Harry and I are the most connected and I would be very happy to meet him. Obviously, nothing public or high profile, and not just him and me. I think my wife, Elviannaand Meghan would also have a lot in common. The opportunity for all of us to talk one-on-one would be very… enlightening.

The father of nine children queensland claims that the fact that he and Harry are both going through difficult times with the royal family would give them “a lot to say“.

We’re both the black sheep of the royal family, I’d say we have that bond“, said Dorante Day.And I believe Harry would be receptive to my distress. He was tricked by his father, he has a score to settle with Charles. Just like me.

Dorante Day said the treatment of Harry and Meghan by some members of the public and palace officials had “disgusted” him.

“Injustice affects me really

The first thing I would do if I met them was give them a big hug – I think they need that, to be honest“, he told of the criticism they receive is completely unfair. I was so angry when Harry was told he couldn’t wear military uniform to his grandmother’s funeral. It would annoy me, annoy anyone. Harry can’t wear a uniform, even if he fought at the front – but William can wear his, and he didn’t fight. Injustice really touches me.

To see the treatment given to him, just my general opinion in all neutrality, is disgusting. William and Kate can’t do any wrong, but Harry and Meghan are apparently having it all wrong. They can’t take a break“.

Dorante Day said he also gets frustrated when people discuss Harry’s body language at public events.It’s sadly pathetic. It makes me angry from a point of view general – not to mention the fact that he could be my half-brother“, did he declare.

When people say he looked very nervous and agitated, I understand what Harry means. I can tell he is afraid that someone will pick on Meghan and say something that will force her to react. My wife is in the same situation, so I can understand. My advice to Harry is to let her go, to let Meghan say what she wants to say. People have been racist and insensitive towards Meghan, she should return the favor to criticism without people looking down on her.

He has a black wife. They say there is no race problem, but there is. People are so ignorant.

The comments of Dorante Day on forging a friendship with Harry and Meghan come just hours after the world has bids farewell to Queen Elizabeth II.

The 56-year-old said he and his wife did not watch the ceremony, but admits to seeing a few moments-keys on social networks.

I saw snippets in the stream – but honestly I went to bed“, he confided.

Since that she died, we really went through a roller coaster of emotions. One minute we’re laughing, then we’re angry, then we’re emotional. The most touching thing about the funeral is that I woke up to a message from a classmate I knew in England. He texted me to say he watched the funeral today and I can only imagine how you feel. It was really touching.

Dorante Day says he’s still coming to terms with the Queen’s passing.If they had told us to come for the funeral, we would have said no because it’s his day“, he said.

It makes me sad that she is gone. I really wonder what Harry is going through and how the funeral is affecting him. There’s a lot to go through when your relationship with your family is at rock bottom, to go through something like this. I am wholeheartedly with him.

Man who claims to be Charles and Camilla’s hidden son wants to meet Harry: ‘We are both the black sheep of the Royal Family’