Lucia Albano: “In Fdi my ideas about family, work and life are protected”

Lucia Albano is a candidate in the Chamber for Brothers of Italy as leader in the plurinominal college of the Marche. She is an accountant, a computer teacher in high school and she is a mother of two children, she became a deputy in the same party on October 22, 2020, following the resignation of Francesco Acquaroli, now governor of the Marche.

Policy “by chance”

Albano, that Times he reported in his list of politicians deserving a visit to parliament, says she arrived on the parliamentary benches a bit by chance: «Until the candidacy in 2018, I had never been actively involved in politics. However, in the family, the air was that, with my father who has always taught me a profound respect for the management of public affairs. I found myself wondering if my human and professional experiences could be put at the service of others and so the first candidacy arrived and now this second one ».

Family quotient

Times indicated three priorities: work, education, family and Albano recalls that, as far as she is concerned, she “worked in the finance committee on the family quotient, bringing to everyone’s attention the issue of denatality not in an ideological way, but as a real demographic and economic emergency. A progressive introduction of the family quotient is possible and interesting experiences to look at already exist in France and Germany. For us at the Brothers of Italy this is a central theme of the next legislature. As well as the single universal allowance, which must be increased ».

Wrong rdc

As an accountant, Albano also has some ideas about work, «especially as regards the fiscal aspect where there is a real lack of equity between the employee and the self-employed. And then off the citizenship income. It is one thing to help those who can’t do it, one thing is to fall into welfare. The DRC is wrong first of all from an educational point of view: what teaching do we give to our children? That you can live even without working? What is all due? ».

A high school of Made in Italy

On the school follows what was announced by the leader Giorgia Meloni regarding the creation of a high school of Made in Italy: «It is our strong point. Starting from our culture and our tradition we must give an outlet to those guys who, starting from our excellence, build careers as “beauty managers”, that beauty that Charles Péguy called “a thing well done in itself”. Of course, without forgetting the ITS, areas in which to grow the other aspect for which we are known in the world, the care and love for craftsmanship ».

No discomfort “on the right”

To those who ask her if a figure like hers is not uncomfortable in a “right” party, Albano replies that «no, on the contrary. I feel very protected my ideas about family, work and life, today jeopardized by a globalization that wants to flatten everything, make everything equal and insignificant. For some time now, Fratelli d’Italia has begun to build a conservative party in Italy in which I feel what I am and what I belong to is best represented ».

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Lucia Albano: “In Fdi my ideas about family, work and life are protected”