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The gastronome Jean-Pierre Caillau, the comedian Jean-Pierre Dupin and the Chœur d’Hommes de l’Auvignon chaired by Philippe Berniès concocted a funny meal show on November 5 in Vianne.

The 200 places available are likely to leave like slices of bread with foie gras on an evening aperitif. Saturday, November 5 in Vianne, more precisely at the Jourdain room in L’Isle
, the gastronome Jean-Pierre Caillau, the comedian Jean-Pierre Dupin and the Chœur d’Hommes de l’Auvignon chaired by Philippe Berniès unite their respective talents to offer a theatrical garbure. There is no more Gascon as an idea.

The inescapable Jean-Pierre Caillau and the Astaffortais actor Jean-Pierre Dupin wanted to give fat to a complicity born during the memorable harvest banns of the Vignerons de Buzet. The first was the grand mamamouchi of the Buzet wine brotherhood and the second a master of ceremonies worthy of Scapin’s Fourberies. These Laurel and Hardy from our hillsides often made the audience die of laughter during the epic induction sessions.

“We can do chabrot and stain the shirt”
The duo is reformed and the circle of friends is growing with the Men’s Choir of Auvignon. Philippe Berniès is at the head of this group of friends who, in 2013, saw the light of day in Montagnac-sur-Auvignon with the legendary Jean-Louis Tolot, whose generosity the world of rugby has never forgotten. “Joining this adventure was obvious to us, explains Philippe Berniès. We like to sing in the villages”. With these locals, emotion and good humor are always present.

“The garbure will be served in a dish one meter wide and it will be for six people”, jokes a Jean-Pierre Caillau renowned for his sense of proportion. Ready to offer his services to the SUA to solve the team’s problems in touch by bringing volume to the alignment, the former second line will concoct a garbure of which only he has the secret. If he sold the Lafitte farm in Montgaillard to Emilie, he has not lost his touch. “We can do chabrot and stain the shirt,” he rejoices in advance. Nothing will be missed. And especially not friendliness.

Vianne, “the little Avignon of Lot-et-Garonne”
“It will be like a family meal, promises Jean-Pierre Dupin. Singing, humor, garbure, everything will be linked. In Vianne, which for me is the little Avignon of Lot-et-Garonne, there is a magnificent setting. We already have ideas for the next few years because we want to be part of the long term”. The comedian from Astaffort will resume his succulent character from the show Rural people speak to Z’Urbains. Will he do the paloumayre haka?

This show meal (€36 all included) in the village where the garbure world championship has long been held will begin with a 45-minute Men’s Choir concert. It will be followed by a good half-hour comedy sequence before an hour-long entertainment that will not lack salt or pepper. “In Vianne, the room where the theatrical garbure takes place is opposite the Church, recalls Jean-Pierre Caillau. Everyone will go to confession first. After, it will be too late.

Information and ticket office on 05 53 65 27 75 and on the albret-tourisme.com website

Lot-et-Garonne: a theatrical stew on the menu of a big family meal