Los Peñaranda: a family dedicated to serving the National Police

Danilso Alfonso Peñaranda Hernández from Cartagena dedicated 21 years of his life to the National Police. Today, seven of his children proudly belong to the same Institution.

Danilso was born on October 26, 1966 and on November 1, 1985 he became a police officer, by then all he thought about was getting his citizenship card to be able to collect his first salary since he had entered with a password.

His first mission was in Valledupar, there he was alone while he stabilized economically, already in Cartagena he had lived the worst moments of his life due to the poverty that he had to overcome alongside his mother, Doña Elvia, a warrior woman who fought for him day and night so that crime will not snatch him from his hands.

He has already retired from the institution for 16 years, he proudly says that she gave him everything she has, that she is an example for her 12 children and especially for those who followed in her footsteps, because she left through the front door without a single investigation and amid the recognition of his superiors.

police sons

The parade of policemen in his house began in 2006, when Alex Andrés received a degree, the following year it was Danilso José, in 2010 John Jairo, followed by Julián Enrique and Nilson Javier in 2012, two years later the first policewoman arrived in the family, Sindy Cecilia and this year María del Carmen graduated. Her ages range from 29 to 37 years. Some already have 15 years of service.

“For me as a father, this family is all proud with a vocation for service with the desire to do good, to serve others. I’m always on the lookout advising them so they don’t mess it up. I want to see them in the grade of mayor”, says Danilso Alfonso.

Their children serve in different areas of the country, but they have the opportunity to meet on special dates and share experiences. Danilso Alfonso, knew suffering since he was a child, his father abandoned him when he was barely two months old and as he grew up he was a silent witness to his mother’s suffering and effort to get him ahead.

“She washed and ironed tirelessly to earn a little money. She worked shifts cooking in restaurants and then got a job at a family home. She earned her bread with the sweat from her brow,” she recalls.

In that house he heard the boss say, “we are alive” and that motivating phrase drove him to overcome that poverty. That man of that phrase that also echoed in Cartagena de Indias was Don Joaquín Franco Burgos who with his wife Cecilia Reins Cavas became his godparents and it was they who supported him to join the Police.

child’s dream

Since he was a child he entered the world of rummaging. He remembers that he was 11 years old and was already looking for ways to earn 100 or 150 pesos at the Bazurto Market to help his mother. Years later he started washing cars and with it he could buy the things he needed to go to school. He was also a bricklayer.

They lived in the Pie de la Popa, from there they were removed because they were invaders but they were relocated to the Lo Amador neighborhood.

In the midst of those needs love came, a woman named Maria appeared and he married her, by then she was already expecting her first child who over the years would follow in his father’s footsteps and become the first policeman in the family.

Danilson assures that if he were born again he would choose to be a policeman again. He loves and respects his institution and asks God to keep his children so that when they leave they do so in good retirement and through the front door, feeling proud of having served the country.

Los Peñaranda: a family dedicated to serving the National Police