Llanada Alavesa: ideal getaways to do as a family

Centennial oaks, waterfalls and mosaics of fauna and flora that coexist on the banks of the source of the rivers. Is he natural scenery that conquers visitors that enter throughout the year in the Llanada Alavesa. In it there are vestiges of other times, medieval architectural constructions and paths such as that of grazing.

The best plan to enjoy these tourist attractions is to carry out a route through its limits. There are more than twenty, which run through unique places. It is only necessary to choose one of them and go through it, both on foot and on two wheels, from start to finish.

In addition, given its short distance and minimal difficulty, many of these proposals can be done with children. They certainly appear as the ideal plan with the arrival of good weather.

The path through the waterfalls of La Tobería

One of the short excursions in Euskadi The most tempting is the one that departs from the municipality of Andoin to enter the Tobería waterfalls. East itinerary only 1.5 kilometers long, it gains in beauty during the rainiest season. It is then when the waterfalls show all their grandeur.

Along the way there are other elements that compete to attract the attention of children and adults, from the old mill erected next to the river until the weir of the final stage, passing through a forest of beech and oak trees.

The green route through the pollarded oaks

Another proposal to enjoy Euskadi and family tourism is the so-called Green Route of the Centennial Oaks of Galarreta and Zalduondo. It is the sum of two paths which have five and six kilometers, respectively. It will be the visitor who decides whether to follow one of them or complete both.

It represents the perfect excuse to get to know the specimens of pollarded trees, the result of pruning that was carried out to thicken its trunk. All you have to do is see the so-called Grandfather of Galarreta, with a perimeter of eight meters, and the Roble de Beorlatza, with a perimeter of 7.5 metres. The objective of this practice was to obtain coal and for the cattle to graze under the canopies.

The tour of the source of the river Zirauntza

Although it can be carried out throughout the year, this track It enjoys greater attractions in spring and autumn. These times grant infinity of tonalities and nuances to the landscapewhich gives it greater beauty.

Along its nearly four kilometres, the itinerary enters the Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Park, characterized by a great botanical richness. Hares, wild boars, roe deer, martens, badgers, martens and wildcats live in its limits. You just need to pay attention and be patient to spot some of these specimens.

The paths of Mendixur

The Mendixur Ornithological Park It brings together two paths, as well as three observatories and a multitude of informative and interpretive panels. Both routes allow you to walk along the Ullibarri-Gamboa reservoir, included in the List of Wetlands of International Importance defined by the RAMSAR Convention.

They also offer the possibility of contemplating the birds that fly over its limits. To do this, it is only necessary to stop at one of its viewpoints and wait for the species to take flight.

Nor can you forget a visit to Barrundia, with its beautiful towns such as Larrea or Ozaeta. Authentic places to walk, buy cheese and/or relax.

The routes that run through the Plain of Alava reveal a series of destinations for families very interesting. It will be enough to choose one of them and enter the natural spaces that will reveal its hidden treasures.

Llanada Alavesa: ideal getaways to do as a family