Letizia from Spain “devastated”: these family images that have created a huge controversy…

The media is still going wild over Letizia from Spain. What did she do to get to this point of no return? We tell you everything!

SOS Letizia of Spain in distress!

Going from a career as a popular journalist to queen consort status is no small feat. When her stepfather Juan Carlos retires, Letizia from Spain understands that she will have to literally change her life. Certainly, when she fell in love with Felipe, she knew that this day would come. However, she was probably not well enough prepared to face the many rumors circulating on the Web. The one thatObjeko is about to tell you could well upset his precious balance. Here we go, hang on, we’re entering a turbulent zone!

And there for, Letizia of Spain, it’s the drama!

In the spring of 2018, the royal family organizes a beautiful meeting at the cathedral of Palma de Mallorca. On site, they attend the traditional Easter mass. On the forecourt, the curious go out of their way to get a selfie or a smile from the divine Letizia of Spain. As for the paparazzi, they have their work cut out for them. Anxious to take the photograph that will sell for gold, they are still unaware that a seemingly innocuous gesture will cause a tsunami.

Her role as a grandmother, the wife of Juan Carlos takes it very seriously. Also, when she meets the gaze of her two granddaughters, she is in heaven. Especially since one of them bears his name! Responding warmly to requests from journalists, she wants to immortalize these sweet reunions. Alas, Letizia of Spain don’t hear this ear. In a few seconds, she blocks and moves away the hand of her illustrious mother-in-law. A little stunned by the scene, the latter tries a second approach. This kiss on the temple seems to overflow the vase of the wife of Felipe VI. Once again, she tries to erase the trace of this outpouring of tenderness. What fly stung him?

The double penalty

On social networks, everyone has their own little comment. And the least we can say is that they are not in favor of Letizia from Spain. Rising to the plate, her best friend Inma Aguilar tries to clear his honor. Will she achieve it? ” She is rather devastated by this situation. » His argument will not leave anyone indifferent. “Very involved in the education of her daughters, the protection of their image, she pays attention to who takes them, worries about where they come from, who approaches them…”

In short, she prefers his reaction as a clue to her instincts. “maternal ! Instead of perceiving a diplomatic disaster, why do the haters not understand that it is a ” nonsense » ? Moreover, because of the dignity required by his rank, he is forbidden to speak to justify himself. Fortunately, as evidenced by this photo, his mother-in-law does not seem to have held it against him. She competes in ingenuity for prove his complicity with his daughter-in-law Letizia from Spain. Hope it lasts !

Letizia from Spain “devastated”: these family images that have created a huge controversy… – Objeko.com