Large families: the Pavoni family atomized for their photo shoot, the Web shocked

Friday September 9, TF1 broadcast a new episode of ” Large families “. Viewers notably attended the Pavoni family photo shoot. Organized by a professional, this shoot seriously tarnished the reputation of this family, which was strongly criticized by Internet users.

“Large families”: the Pavoni immortalize the arrival of their first daughter

Clichés on girls and boys, lack of imagination, Internet users strongly criticized the Pavoni family this Friday. This episode of “Large Families”, broadcast on Friday September 9, fueled debates on social networks.

Like every day, several families were in the spotlight. Thus, the fans of the program spent a moment with the Pelissards who were busy organizing a house clearance. Amandine and Alexandre embarked on this project to raise money with the aim ofoffer a weekend in the snow to the whole family.

At the Provenchères, the camera was trained on Laetitia, the mother, who was about to spend an evening with her friends. But for this project to come true, she had to entrust her four children to a nanny. It was a painful moment for this single mom.

As for the Pavonis, they were preparing to take part in a Photo shoot supposed to immortalize the arrival of Angelina, the youngest, in the family. “This session is important for us because we have always been waiting for a girl and she is here” said Romain, the happy dad.

The mother of a family connects the clichés and shocks the web

For this shoot, all the members of the family had to be dressed in white except for little Angelina, whose mission was to bring a touch of color to the painting. Delighted to finally be able to take care of a little princess, the candidate of “Large Families” had chosen very girly colors to dress her daughter. “I had fun, it’s a girl, girls like photo shoots” she assured before adding that this activity “inflated” the boys.

Indeed, Angelina’s older brothers complained about the itching caused by their clothes. They added that they were wasting their time with this shoot.

Either way, netizens were shocked at how Agnès differentiate between boys and girls. Followers of clichés, the mother of the family has even triggered the anger of some viewers. “No, not all girls like to pose for pictures” we could read on the networks.

Very surprised by the words of this candidate of “Large families”, the twittos described this photo shoot as bad idea. Some even argued that the living room was not at all suitable for such an activity. This shoot should have taken place in a more elaborate setting, according to them. Others have found that the intervention of the photographer was unnecessary to achieve this kind of photos. Finally, many comments judged that the poses lacked naturalness.

Large families: the Pavoni family atomized for their photo shoot, the Web shocked