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Regaining control of their daily lives and rebuilding themselves is the objective pursued by the residents of the Elsa boarding house. For 2023, the activities by the structure will still be numerous and conducive to the social reintegration of these people in search of landmarks.

Of the animal mediationequine therapy or even the creation of furniture for the children of the Maison de l’enfant, the year 2022 has been busy for the residents of the guesthouse Elsa. With this myriad of activities offered throughout the year, the structure wants to continue its work for the year 2023 and for this has already established partnerships with stakeholders.

First of all, the residents will continue the actions carried out with the Sentiers de la weasel for animal mediation, whether with Lucky the dog or with Crash and Eddie, the two ferrets who have just arrived in the program. “The work that Aurélie Guy is doing with the residents is more than interesting and our desire is to continue in this direction”, explains Grégory Gradzyk, one of the two hosts of the boarding house.

Beyond the animal mediation sessions, Aurélie Guy will also be involved with the weaver Lydie Maitre, another regular in actions with the Elsa pension, in a transversal project where the residents will work with living wicker to create structures. “This is a project that will take place on the site of the weasel trails and which will involve different stakeholders”, underlines the facilitator. The latter is satisfied to see that the partnerships are long term.

Residents will create for the nursery

Another loyal partner of the boarding house, the Maison de l’Enfant will also be there in 2023. After creating outdoor furniture for the children as well as a wicker hut, the residents will once again play the good fairies . “We are also part of a continuity with the crèche and the residents will build displays and book huts in March and June for the youngest children in the structure”, indicates Grégory Gradzyk.

In addition to this furniture, the Maison de l’enfant and the boarding house will also work around the theme of the book with the creation of rattan bookmarks. Residents, whom Grégory Gradzyk expects to be more proactive and more involved in actions, will be encouraged in 2023 to participate in shared gardens.

This activity, desired for a long time by the pension, will take the form of two bins made available by the City and in which the residents will plant. “It’s an operation that, beyond producing something, allows people to leave their homes and restore a new dynamic of life”, recognizes Grégory Gradzyk. An objective that accompanies each of the actions that the pension has taken or will take. But also those like equitherapy or sophrology which are put on hold for 2023, “in order to renew the offer to our public”.

Pierre Gaudiot

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