Istat, almost half of the homicides in the family: the victims are mainly women

On the eve of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and while the Senate approves the bill for the establishment of a bicameral commission of inquiry into feminicides, Istat has published its latest report which draws an alarming picture on the victims of homocide in the country. Although in 2021 homicides are down slightly compared to 2019, most of them are committed within families and it is mainly women who pay the price. «The victims killed in a couple or family relationship – reads the report – are 139 (45.9% of the total): 39 men and 100 women”. Among these, almost the 60% of women are “victims of a former partner: 57.8% in 2020 and 61.3% in 2019”. The data relating to voluntary homicides committed, detected and reported by the police forces during 2021, show – as reported by the Institute’s report – a slight decrease compared to previous years on the total of those committed: 303 in 2021, against 315 of 2019. In 184 cases the victims are men, while 119 are women. In this sense, underlines the stat, “the decline in homicides of women stops and those of men are slightly increasing, which had instead decreased in 2020 (170)”.

In Italy homicide levels lower than in the rest of Europe

Among the countries within the EU with the highest homicide rates, in 2020, we find the Baltic Republics, namely Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia: between 4.88 and 2.78 homicides per 100 thousand inhabitants. In Italy, however, the value is around 0.48 murders. A higher number than only in Luxembourg where the homicide rate is 0.32 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants. But also with regard to the murders of women, Italian values ​​are «among the lowest» compared to the average of the countries of the European Union and «equal to 0.38 homicides per 100,000 women (0.66 the European average)”. Furthermore, Istat notes, “compared to those of men, the homicide rates of women are higher in Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovenia, while in Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia they are almost the same”.

The reasons for almost half of the murders: “Personal grudges and futile reasons”

For what concern motive relating to the murders, it is not possible to establish for almost the 12% of cases. The reasons remain undetermined for the 16.8% of male victims and only for the 3.4% of female ones. In the latter case, the Institute underlines, “even the probability of discovering the perpetrator of the murder is higher in the case of a female victim, precisely because of the particularity of these crimes – which mostly occur in the family and couple – and with consequent restriction of the field of investigations to a well-defined circle». The report highlights that the main motivation of the assassinations is linked to «quarrel, futile reasons, personal grudges», about the 45.9%. In second place, however, with 11.6% there are “passionate reasons” with a clear distinction by gender: 20.2% for women and only 6% for men. Finally, as a third motivation there are “economic reasons”, including murders for the purpose of robbery.

Female homicides are predominantly “feminicides”

I’m 70 women killed within the couple, by the partner or former partner. This is the figure reported in the latest Istat report, assessed on the basis of available information relating to the relationship between the victim and perpetrator, motive, scope of the homicide. While I am 30 women killed by another relative and 4 those killed by acquaintances in the emotional or relational sphere, for “a total of 104 alleged femicides, out of 119 homicides with a female victim”. Finally, «among the remaining 15 female victims there are two over 65 who have been robbed by unknown persons, two others were killed by acquaintances for problems of the neighborhood or for other reasons, while another 11 were killed by unknown with different motives”.

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