In the Eure, an association finds families to welcome unfortunate bulldogs

The Pont-Audemérienne Catherine Boone-Piccinato is the local delegate of Bouledogue Attitude, an association which only deals with dogs of this breed. ©The Awakening of Pont-Audemer

Do you know Bulldog Attitude Europe ? This national association, founded in 2007 under the name of Bouledogue Passion, and whose headquarters are currently located in Lunay (Loir-et-Cher), aims to take charge of french and english bulldogs in order to their find a new family which suits them. Among the 159 regional delegates of this associative structure now called Bouledogue Attitude, eleven are from Normandy, including Pont-Audemérienne Catherine Boone Piccinato. Portrait of this non-profit organization which had, in June 2022, 112 members and 54 donors on our national territory.

From sale to investment monitoring

Events manager of the association since July 2022, but delegate since 2020, Catherine summarizes the “why” of her entry into this Bouledogue Attitude association:

“I had a bulldog that I unfortunately lost four years ago. I was looking for another dog of the same breed. I did not want to buy an animal, but to save one! I then discovered this association, and I filled out an adoption form. »

Catherine Boone Piccinato

After receiving a photo of the “future protege and a summary of his life story and his character”, the transfer was effective and this new friend then took charge of putting a little animation in the house. But, an adoption – or a transfer – is actually submitted by the association to a certain number of stages: “We organize a visit to the dogs for adoption, pre-visits to potential adoptive homes or families of reception in order to check the future living conditions of the boubou”, specifies Catherine Boone-Piccinato. For the most urgent cases, there is an intermediate network of foster families: “In these homes, we place dogs that have suffered from poor care or feeding, mistreatment, presenting serious pathologies requiring rapid care. , or threatened with euthanasia…”


In ordinary times, the idea is that the bulldog leaves its former masters only when a new family is found “in order to minimize stress and trauma. But we avoid as much as possible working perpetually in a hurry. “Similarly, as far as possible, the animals are placed sterilized: “If the time does not allow it, the sterilization will be done by the adopters with a charge of 150 euros for a female and 100 euros for a male. In her capacity as delegate, Catherine Boole-Piccinato is in charge of several missions, such as visiting the dogs cared for by the association, visiting families wishing to adopt to collect their wishes, but also ensuring the follow-up after placement and participate in certain local events such as, recently, our risloise did at the fair for everything in Campigny Adoption, of course, but also transfers:

People who can no longer keep their ‘boubou’ can contact the association and complete a transfer certificate authorizing Bouledogue Attitude to find a new family for their dog. We also work with breeders to place their culled animals after illness or retirement.

Catherine Boone Piccinato

Time and patience will be, in any case, the essential factors to make your adoptee a real and friendly daily companion!

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In the Eure, an association finds families to welcome unfortunate bulldogs