In Rouen, two mothers tried for having murdered and butchered the companion of one of them

At dusk of a cold night in November 2018, the river brigade of the Rouen gendarmerie was patrolling the Seine when it spotted a blue tarpaulin surrounded by gray tape, floating on the surface and from which flows a “ reddish substance “. Inside are the remains of a man with his hands, foot, leg and head missing, all severed. Three days later, the calf and one of the hands of the same corpse are found a few kilometers away in a garbage can planted along the Eure, as well as in the river. Intriguing detail, the fingertips of this hand have been visibly cut in order to erase fingerprints.

The man was still identified thanks to his DNA. It is a certain Slimane Amara, a 45-year-old car salesman, already on file for violence against police twenty years ago. Since then, he seemed to have calmed down. He is in a relationship with Céline, a young home beautician fifteen years his junior, with whom he had a three-year-old boy. Met in 2007, they settled together very quickly. Idyllic beginnings according to Céline Vasselin, tarnished over the years by the increasing consumption of alcohol by her companion, which made him violent. Behavior confirmed by relatives of Céline Vasselin and by his neighborhood, who described him as being able to become “ aggressive and threatening “.

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After she told him she wanted to break up in May 2018, Slimane Amara would have put a knife on the table and would have threatened to hold her back by all means. “It was a traumatic scene for her and who was the founder of this criminal project which she then developed “, explained his lawyer, master Sandra Gosselin to TF1 last March. ” She said to herself: “he will not leave me with our child, he will find us”. Céline confides in Jessica Adam, one of her regular clients, a mother of three children, and even confides to her her desire to kill him. Gesture that she has already tried twice, first by planting a syringe filled with air in the thigh of her companion, then by trying to suffocate him with a pillow, after having drugged him in both cases.

Machiavellian plan

Jessica Adam listens to her, supports her and, against all odds, agrees to help her. During hair removal sessions at home, they then put in place a Machiavellian plan of rare cruelty. On November 8, 2018, four days after the discovery of the body in pieces of Slimane Amara, investigators from the judicial police (PJ) of Rouen came to Céline’s home and questioned her about the disappearance of her companion. They are surprised that she did not report it. She’s not trying to lie to them, she killed him. Placed in police custody, she says that everything happened during an argument. On the evening of November 3, Slimane Amara, alcoholic, would have got angry. She then prepares toast in which she crushes Seresta, an anxiolytic that she obtained from SOS doctor. “ I wanted him to sleep she says. Then the man would have insulted him. She responded by stabbing him in the throat. She then explains that she cut up her corpse and got rid of it in the Seine and the Eure, specifying that she had acted alone. But the survey seems to indicate otherwise. On the day of the events, Céline Vasselin phoned Jessica Adam several times.

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Arrested in turn, Jessica admits having participated in the assassination of Slimane Amara and delivers the macabre and true scenario of their criminal plan. A few days before the murder, the two women went to a DIY store to get gloves, white coveralls, masks and charlottes. They also bought a hatchet, a saw and a protective tarpaulin, and finally dug up a meat grinder on the leboncoin site. Now equipped, they decide to take action on November 3. That evening, Jessica joined Céline at her home around 8 p.m. Slimane is then unconscious, drugged. The two women put on the suits and protections, then begin their disastrous enterprise. The beautician places a towel over the face of her companion lying on the floor in the living room. Jessica, armed with a butcher’s sheet, gives a violent blow to the throat of the man who, with a start, wakes up and starts screaming, blood spurting from his neck. Celine then tries to suffocate him by pinching his nose and covering his mouth, but he resists. Jessica then kills him in the throat with a kitchen knife.

Throat “ all open Slimane Amara lies dead in a pool of blood. ” You’re not being smart now. You didn’t think I could do such a thing. Now look what state you are in “, then throws Céline to her companion, according to her accomplice. The two mothers then undertake the dismemberment of the body of their victim which they dragged into the cellar of the pavilion, covered for the occasion. Then pour acid on the head of the deceased to make him unrecognizable. His remains are finally scattered in the two rivers where they were discovered. A week later, Céline Vasselin and Jessica Adam were indicted for “murder” and “attacking the integrity of a corpse” and then imprisoned. During the investigation, the psychological and psychiatric experts tried to enlighten the judges on the acting out of these women without history or criminal record. They note that ” the dominance relationship can be established » and that Céline Vasselin « was convinced that he could only get rid of his hold (that of the victim) by his death “. According to his advice, she suffered everything and then, at some point, you have the feeling that it’s over. She couldn’t take any more. »

“Absolute Horror”

Maître Beux-Prère explains the involvement of Jessica Adam, his client, who since admits having only dispersed the remains of the victim, in the past of the thirty-year-old, herself abused during childhood. ” Céline Vasselin told her that she was the victim of violence continuously. And she felt it as a real injustice that she knows well since she has been a victim of this since the age of 4. She was sexually abused at a very young age “, he declares to TF1. Insufficient response elements for those close to Slimane Amara. ” The explanations provided so far are not satisfactory. We expect more during the trial », retorts Master Yasmina Belmokhtar to Marianne. ” They didn’t just kill a man, they cut him to pieces, skinned him, scattered his body. It is a crime that has been thought out, prepared and programmed, but also scripted. It’s appalling, sordid, we are in absolute horror. And Mr. Amara’s family awaits answers to the horror “, continues the lawyer representing the interests of Nadjia Amara, the sister of the victim.

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An unthinkable crime for this woman who confided her amazement when she learned of the tragic end of her brother. “ I could never have imagined someone doing this to someone, even in my worst nightmares. It was unthinkable, I didn’t believe it ” she expresses to her lawyer, describing her brother as ” crazy in Love by Celine Vasselin. At the hearing, she also hopes to rehabilitate the damaged image of Slimane Amara. “ She doesn’t want to be passed off as someone he wasn’t. He is not the person described by Madame Vasselin. She is worried about a possible line of defense that would hide behind alleged domestic violence and prevent going to the end of the debate and the manifestation of the truth concludes Master Belmokhtar.

In Rouen, two mothers tried for having murdered and butchered the companion of one of them