In Auray, their Po’Pote is a family affair

When there are all four of them, they talk loudly, they tease each other, they laugh… The complicity between the members of this blended family is obvious. Yves Jacquot, his partner Françoise, his son Romain and his girlfriend Olivia work together at La Po’pote, in Auray. The men are in the kitchen, the women in the service. And to hear them, the restaurant has never turned out so well since it became a family affair.

Old vs new school

“Tonight we’re full, tomorrow the same and we’re not far from it the day after tomorrow! “says Romain, 24 years old. “Little chef”, as he is nicknamed, joined his father-in-law in the kitchen last May. “He brought modernity, creation”, sums up Françoise – known as France – his mother. The young cook holds a CAP and knew different houses, here or in Corsica, when the father-in-law was trained on the job. “The best school”, says Romain. “But when he started, it was a bit like Chernobyl in the kitchen,” he adds, laughing.

At the start of the project, there were only Yves and France. After a life in the territorial function for her and in health for him, the couple starts from scratch. They open in 2013 El Toro Loco and offer tapas and concerts. “We were the fifth largest broadcaster in Morbihan,” recalls France. Until everything stops “because of the municipality”, sums up his companion soberly. The couple has the choice between putting the key under the door or bouncing back. The place became a Spanish cuisine restaurant in 2016. “We ended up finding our identity, and then the Covid arrived, replaces Yves. It took three months to close, then seven…”

Now a member of the Culinary College of France since this year, the quartet campaigns for quality on the plate. (The Telegram / Moorea Lahalle)

Communication and character

The couple takes the opportunity to completely change course. They rely on seasonal cuisine, a limited menu and local products. “What consumers were looking for,” emphasizes France. The customers return, Yves takes on a clerk. Until Romain joins him. “Today, we discuss recipes together. We agree on the menu”, asks the “little chef”. And here, everyone has a say in what comes out of the kitchens. “We taste everything and only serve what we like!” “, warns France. Proof that this new equation works: La Po’Pote has been a member of the Culinary College of France since October.

Olivia, store manager Suenos Bordados, in Auray, joined the “family mafia” in June, to spend more time with her companion, “but it’s also because I liked it,” she says. The only rule to avoid addicts: “Close the personal door at work and vice versa when you get home”, explains Romain. For his mother, the secret lies in communication. “And you have to have character,” says Olivia. Otherwise, we cannot work as a family! “Proof that they are not yet tired of each other: they will all four fly away under the sun next March.

In Auray, their Po'Pote is a family affair

In Auray, their Po’Pote is a family affair