He is 12 years old, he is from Huergo, and his family sold raffles so that he can try himself in Argentinos

With 12 years, Tomás Aguiar dreams of playing in the big leagues. Both he and his family know more than anyone that to conquer such a precious desire it is necessary to have a lot of guts and the clear determination not to let opportunities pass presented along the way.

And that’s why in the last week, his inner circle made a great sale of raffles and numbers as a last resort in the face of a weakened family economy. The goal was manage to raise the 80 thousand pesos necessary to cover the costs of the “Tomy” test at the Argentinos Juniors club.

«Tomás is a player in the tenth category of the Club Social y Deportivo Huergo. Y it all came about when he began to attract attention within Liga Confluenciaalready in the middle of this year different teams made us proposals to see if we could take it to do tests. because it has conditions“Miguel Aguiar, father of the little one, proudly mentioned.

The subsidiary also contributed to the sale of the raffles. photo courtesy

The first to catch his attention was a physical trainer from Regina, who quickly recruited him and urged him to prepare for the demands of professional recruiters. His first opportunity would come soon, at the end of October, when he managed to access his first test at Estudiantes de La Plata. Although the results were not as expected.

A few days later a second light appeared on his path: the possibility of trying your luck in Argentinos. But this time, the resources to solve the challenge were smaller and the chance was hanging by a thread. It is that the last trip to the province of Buenos Aires had left a big hole in the family pocket.

So it was that a group of friends and neighbors – sorry for the situation – they started planning the idea of ​​selling numbers for a raffle. The initiative was a success and in a short time it was possible to raise the necessary funds to cover the stay and the tickets.

The expectations are high because, like every boy, the only thing he wants is to stay. Although we know that those from the interior are at a great physical disadvantage, it is not impossible.

Miguel Aguiar, father of Tomás

“I am a nurse at the Regina hospital. Today with the situation as it is, it is difficult. But These are particular circumstances that do not occur every day and as parents we try to accompany you so that you do not miss out on these opportunities.“Michael explained.

All that remains for Tomás’ family is to show their gratitude for the support received from the community. Although they did not rule out needing an outstretched hand again, if the little one is selected in the club.

Tomás will finally leave for Paternal this Monday. He will leave from the “El Campito” complex, in Roca, and he will do so accompanied by countless boys from the region who are running after the same goal.

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He is 12 years old, he is from Huergo, and his family sold raffles so that he can try himself in Argentinos