On August 29, 2022, Magali, municipal employee of the town of Fonsorbes (Haute-Garonne), committed suicide. She is said to have suffered years of harassment at her workplace. His family filed a complaint against X for incitement to suicide and attempted homicide.

The tragedy occurs on August 29. Magali, in her fifties, was a municipal employee in Fonsorbes, west of Toulouse, in Haute-Garonne (31). After years of harassment she allegedly suffered at work, she took her own life.

The relatives of the deceased want to know the truth around the tragic event, and to see sanctions applied for those they consider responsible for Magali’s acting out.

So the family lawyers, Masters Camille Loga and Joris Morer of the Toulouse Bar, launched a criminal action by filing a complaint against X “for moral harassment at work, aggravated willful violence, incitement to suicide and attempted homicide“.

Masters Morer and Lauga do not rule out taking joint action. Indeed the evidence in their possession allows them to affirm a toxic management mode within the town hall. “The elements we have are quite important to support what she went through on a daily basis. What can be described as ordeal or moral harassment“says Camille Loga, lawyer for the victim’s family.

For Joris Morer, also a lawyer for the victim’s family: “We hope that an investigation will be opened very soon and that the people involved in this case will be heard by the police so that we can truly establish the responsibilities of each.

The lawyers do not rule out taking joint action. Indeed within the town hall of the small town, the atmosphere does not seem to be at best. About twenty other agents would suffer from this toxic situation, including a colleague of the deceased, also assigned to maintenance of a school in Fonsorbes. He would also have suffered pressure of all kinds, overwork, denigration, accompanied by homophobic comments from the manager who headed the maintenance department of the town of Fonsorbes.

Incriminated in March 2022, the latter went on sick leave. His companion would have taken over. Corinne Galès was the victim’s best friend. “At work it was “Magalie, we wake up”. “Magalie, do you understand?”. “Magalie, we are not in the world of Care Bears”, while laughing. She had explained to me that in the evening she had wanted to leave and there the husband of the duty manager wanted to scare her, by driving her over with a car and swerving at the last moment..”

According to Patrick and Dorian, the children of the 52-year-old deceased, Magali kept a diary in which she recorded the humiliations and intimidations she suffered in her workplace.

We discovered after his diaryreports his son, Pierrick Marson. This allowed us to shed some light on what was going on. Inside was the pain she was going through. She wrote that she vomited in the morning before leaving for work and then the names of her stalkers which appear on all the pages.

bullying is also transcribed in the reports of the technical committees which Françoise Siméon, the mayor of Fonsorbes regularly attended.

According to opposition municipal councilor Jean-Claude Pilet, thehe situation is still very alarming : “Other agents are overdue and not sufficiently protected. On July 21, 2022, we asked for more measures, nothing”. However, according to this elected official, the writings and testimonies were numerous and the reports on the situation multiple, including with the HR department. “Impossible to say that no one had become aware of the facts”.

Since the tragedy, Françoise Siméon, mayor of Fonsorbes, has received numerous criticisms for not having grasped the extent of the suffering of her agents. She wouldn’t consider resigning. “Today, the question does not arise. I have a community to run. Depending on the results of the investigations, I may reconsider my position.Monday, October 26 will be the next city council. Magali’s file will fuel the debates.

Haute-Garonne: harassed at her work, the municipal employee commits suicide and her family files a complaint