Harsh sentences for the family that abused three little brothers in rituals of sex and drugs in the Entre Ríos town of Oro Verde

The Justice of Entre Ríos sentenced this Wednesday to sentences of between 9 and 25 years in prison to the eight accused of raping and sexually exploiting three underage brothers for years during rituals involving drugs and alcohol. The most aberrational fact was that part of the maternal family, including the children’s own mother, participated and facilitated the abuse.

“It was a hard process to go through, especially for the victims,” ​​he said in dialogue with The eleven plaintiff attorney Marina Hundt. At the same time, she was satisfied with the sentences and stressed that the ruling “sets an important precedent and it adds to many other cases that could have been sentenced previously and everything is in pursuit of changing a little the role of before having the eye on the perpetrator and now putting it on the victims, especially in childhood and adolescence ”.

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The highest penalty was received by the mother of the victims. An aunt of the victims was sentenced to 22 years in prison, and an uncle and maternal grandfather received 20 years in prison. Among those sentenced there is also a neighbor and a retired police officer. Another of the defendants was considered the material author and responsible for the crimes of repeated simple abuse and sexual abuse with carnal access.

“The paternal family is happy because they wanted justice to be done; they still have to digest it and see the foundations of the legal qualification and the sentences”, added the lawyer when assessing that the sentence “is a first final step.” Next December 5, at 1:00 p.m., the grounds of the sentence will be read in full.

The aberrational details of the case that shocked Oro Verde

The investigation was opened in July 2013 as a result of the complaint from the biological father of the victims, which involved the mother of the minors, an aunt, an uncle and the maternal grandfather, a neighbor, a former police officer and even a broadcaster from the town of Gualeguaychú.

The mother was accused, and it was proven at trial, of having carried out various behaviors that altered the normal sexual development, both psychological and physiological, of the minors, awakening early sexuality in them and diverting the development of their future libido. In other words, she have “prepared” them so that their bodies “tolerate” the sexual abuse to which they would be subjected later.

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These “preparations” consisted of her sexual acts with her children in which she masturbated them or forced them to perform actions on her own body: she as an adult and the victims, two girls and a boy, with 5, 6 or 7 years old.

In addition to subjecting them from a very young age, the mother forced the boys to participate in orgies and sexual parties between adults, at first as “observers” but later as forcing them to be an active part of the sexual acts that were performed there.

The “festivities” and rituals, as stated in the testimonies over the years that the minors –adults today– They were giving before the prosecutor of the case, they happened in private houses in the town of Oro Verde, about 10 kilometers from Paraná.

Harsh sentences for the family that abused three little brothers in rituals of sex and drugs

Harsh sentences for the family that abused three little brothers in rituals of sex and drugs in the Entre Ríos town of Oro Verde