Gustavo Cisneros and family receive a business award in Miami

Miami, Sep 19 Venezuelan businessman Gustavo Cisneros and his family received this Monday in Miami the Babson-Camus Global Family Entrepreneurship Award, which distinguishes an entrepreneurial family firm that creates significant economic and social value.

Babson College, a renowned business school based in Boston, and the French family business Camus Cognac, the only independent brand of that drink that endures, are behind this award, the first edition of which was held in 2021.

“Thanks to Babson and Camus for recognizing my family’s commitment to our values ​​and driving impact, both in our businesses and through our foundational programs,” Gustavo Cisneros said in a statement.

The prize awarded this Monday consists of a sculpture in the shape of a communication tower and other representative symbols of the Cisneros group, which is also a Baccarat crystal container with gold applications that contains a mixture of cognacs distilled in the 1940s. and 1970.

At the delivery ceremony, held at a hotel in Bal Harbor (Miami-Dade), Cisneros was accompanied by his wife, Patricia Phelps, his daughter Adriana, executive director of the business group since 2013, and other members of his family.

The businessman told anecdotes about the family business, stressed that they always knew they wanted “something more than making money” and stressed that they have tried to instill an interest in family ventures in their three grandchildren from an early age.

Stephen Spinelli Jr., president of Babson College, explained that this year’s award is presented to “an entrepreneurial family that has built a highly distinguished and impactful business that will create social and economic value for generations to come.”

Cyril Camus, director of Camus Cognac, noted that Cisneros and his family “have embodied the family entrepreneurial spirit, passing on the legacy of corporate philanthropy from generation to generation.”

Cisneros is a private company with almost 100 years of experience in business worldwide, which has three divisions: Cisneros Media (media and content), Cisneros Interactive (digital advertising) and Cisneros Real Estate (real estate sector).

In addition, it is part of the AST SpaceMobile group, which aims to provide global connectivity through satellites.

The Cisneros Foundation, co-founded by Gustavo and his wife Patty Phelps de Cisneros, owner of an award-winning art collection, promotes community development, educational and cultural programs focused on democracy and critical thinking.

In 1970, Gustavo Cisneros, who was 25 years old, assumed the responsibilities of the group from his father Diego and, similarly, in 2013, Adriana, 33 years old, assumed the position of executive director “on the condition that the they will let the foundation run,” the businessman revealed on Monday.

According to data from the latest report on entrepreneurship in the US in. 2021-2022 published by Babson College, continuing a family tradition was the motivation for 41.5% of entrepreneurs in that period, an increase of 45% from a year earlier.

“Entrepreneurial families contribute approximately 70% of global GDP and this means that these families are perhaps the greatest force for creating economic and social value on the planet,” said Lauri Union, director of the Bertarelli Institute for Family Entrepreneurship at Babson. . EFE



Gustavo Cisneros and family receive a business award in Miami