Gironde: a father says he was beaten by hunters

This Saturday, a man filed a complaint against hunters who allegedly assaulted him outside his home. An investigation has been opened and two hunters will be heard on Friday.

Le Figaro Bordeaux

Cuts and bruises on the face and on several parts of the body testify to the muscular exchange which would have occurred between Xavier Gourgues and several hunters who approached his property, this Saturday, November 12, in Lussac (Gironde). Eight days of ITT were delivered to him. He accuses the hunters of having fired at his property while he was in his garden with his wife and five-year-old son.

We had a great day with the family“, testifies Xavier Gourgues to the Figaro. “We saw several cars arrive, we looked at each other with my wife and we said to ourselves: oh firecracker, it’s going to start. They released about fifty dogs in the forest. Usually they are very far away, but here the pack closed in on us and surrounded us.»

Exasperated, this father explains that he “screamed with all his mightto ask them to stop, in order to be heard despite the gunshots. Despite his cries, he claims that several hunters approached his garden, less than 100 meters from his home. “The more I screamed, the harder it pulled, there was no wind, but a smell of burnt gunpowder and it hissed everywhere. My wife and son were crouched in the garden to avoid getting shot.»

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“The versions of the facts do not converge”

After asking his family to return to the house, the Lussacais calls the gendarmerie. Without waiting for their arrival, he decides to take his car and go to meet this group of hunters. This is where events took a different turn. “I got out of the car and the first thing I did was scream: but stop your bullshit, we live there, we’re fed up, and I got insulted.As he begins to take pictures of the license plates with his mobile phone, a hunter reportedly snatches it from his hands.

The father of the family then recounts that his attackers, “mostly alcoholic», «quickly arrived on (him), with the guns», and that they «kept pushing (him) and twisting (him) arms“. He decides “to spread his arms wide and push them with all (his) strength“. This is where a hunter would have himthrew a big punch in the face“. Xavier Gourgues then explains that he fell into a ditch, at the bottom of which lay a dead boar. He assures that several hunters would have taken photos and videos to immortalize the result of their hunt: “a boar and a human“.

The arrival of the gendarmerie put an end to this altercation. Xavier Gourgues maintains that he, for his part, did not strike the slightest blow. He has an appointment this Thursday at the Libourne forensic unit. The gendarmerie specifies Figaro that an investigation is underway for “the violence committed against this individual who filed a complaint», and that seven witnesses will be heard this Wednesday afternoon. Two potential respondents will also be heard by the weekend. Law enforcement officials point out, however, thatthe versions of the facts do not converge, the victim claiming to have been attacked by the hunters, while the hunters say that the victim came towards them“. The investigation should quickly clarify the “different degrees of responsibility for each other“.

Gironde: a father says he was beaten by hunters