Geocaching in Elda to disseminate the historical heritage of the Coloma family

The University seat of Elda of the University of Alicantein collaboration with the Paurides Foundation and the Elda City Council, through the departments of Historical Heritage, Universities and Culture, offers a series of activities geocaching related to local heritage, with special thematization in the Coloma Family in the main caches of the proposal.

Geocaching is an activity that consists of discovering places and stories through a “treasure hunt”, using geographic coordinates, a mobile phone or GPS and using a free application. This creates a love for outdoor activities. that connect healthy living and the desire to discover the natural and cultural environment.

The concilor Beloved Navalon has explained that “It is a proposal that is part of the celebrations of the Coloma Year and that will allow the participants to approach the history of this Eldense family and its historical heritage in a different way”.

It is not the first time that the University Headquarters proposes initiatives around geocaching with the aim of invigorating and publicizing the heritage of the municipality in a playful way and for all audiences.

In Elda, over the next weekend, two actions will be proposed so that it is possible to learn everything necessary to enjoy this activity.

The director of the UA Headquarters in Elda, Charo Navalón, has reported that “First of all, there is an informative talk by an expert in geocaching in which the history of this game and all the possibilities it offers will be discussed. It will be on Saturday, November 26 at 11:00 a.m. at the Paurides Foundation. Admission will be free until full capacity is reached. When the activity is over, attendees will be able to search and find any of the hidden treasures in Elda or anywhere else in the world.”.

The next day, On Sunday, November 27, the geocaching event will take place under the title “La ruta de los Coloma”, in which you will take a guided tour of Elda Castle and a geocaching route to search for treasures (caches) and unravel riddles of the hand of the Coloma family through its old town.

In order to participate in the activity it is registration required through the Elda University Headquarters (in or writing to or registering in the geocaching application itself.

Geocaching in Elda to disseminate the historical heritage of the Coloma family