Five curiosities about the royal family

With the last change of ruler to the British throne dating back to 1952, it is not surprising that the details of Elizabeth II’s succession are mysterious to most of us. A complex protocol, anachronistic pomp and sometimes confusing traditions dating back several centuries will re-emerge in the days and weeks to come. Five-question overview.


Among his beloved properties, such as Highgrove in the English countryside, and those inherited by the Queen, Charles became the owner of a dozen castles and mansions. But a place imposes itself on him, despite his personal choices. “Buckingham, for the whole world, remains the place of power” explains the editorial director of Point de Vue magazine in the report above.

“It is therefore very difficult for him not to live there “, Says Adélaïde de Clermont-Tonnerre, “And it was exactly the same for Queen Elizabeth, who didn’t like it at all!” . Buckingham Palace is certainly prestigious, and will become the “office” of King Charles III, but “It is still a huge shack badly heated with drafts everywhere, and so it was said, with colonies of mice and mice” . The royal residence is in the midst of an extensive renovation, which is expected to take another 5 years.


If he became king instantly on the death of the queen on 8 September, Charles III will have to wait several months before being crowned, mainly for technical reasons. “It’s an endless puzzle!” warns specialist journalist Vincent Meylan, “It is necessary to design infrastructures, hotels, regiments, to adapt the crown to the size of the sovereign, and that of the coronation ring to that of his finger …” . Elizabeth II had waited sixteen months after her father’s death before being crowned in Westminster Abbey on 2 June 1953.

On the other hand, the royal seal may have changed quickly. The “E II R” sign ( Elizabeth II Regina, in Latin ), will be transformed into “C III R” ( Charles III Rex ). As soon as the new seal is validated, it will have to be replaced by the previous one throughout the kingdom, on thousands of armchairs, curtains, flags or uniforms.


This is the title that Camilla, Carlo’s wife, will now carry. Literally, “consort” means that she shares the fate of her monarch husband, but she bears no responsibility. In law, she remains a subject of the king and her title is only honorary. It was Elizabeth II herself who solved this detail in a recent letter to her people. “When the time comes for my son Carlo to become king” , wrote on February 5 , “His wife Camilla will carry the title of queen consort” . Long hated by British subjects, many of whom hold her responsible for the failure of the Prince of Wales’ marriage to Lady Diana, Camilla is now at 40%

“God Save the King”, a plagiarism?


This is a more unusual question. This song we hear a lot since the death of Elizabeth II, is it in fact the plagiarism of a French piece, which Lully had written for Louis XIV? “It’s possible, but it’s not proven” , sliced ​​Adélaïde de Clermont-Tonnerre. More likely, God Save The King’s only text could be an adaptation of a prayer “Dear to Louis XIV, (…) which ended with ‘Great God save the king’ .

Transformed into “God Save the Queen” when the monarch is a woman, this song is not in fact the national anthem of the United Kingdom – which does not have one – but takes its place in most official events. We can see that Carlo does not sing it, while Camilla at her side also bends to the exercise: having launched the prayer for her salvation, the king is the only one who cannot sing the hymn.


These curious short-legged dogs have accompanied Elizabeth II for most of her life, ever since the first one was given to her by her parents on her 18th birthday in 1944. Since then, about thirty corgis have been in succession each. other by his side, including the latter two, Muick and Sandy, which had recently been given to him by his son Andrew. They had particularly been the queen’s comfort during the difficult period of the pandemic, according to her dresser. Finally, it was Andrea, long considered the Queen’s favorite son before being fired following the accusation of rape of a minor, who decided to take care of the two young dogs.

Five curiosities about the royal family