First family affected by explosion in Cristo del Consuelo received keys to a new home in Valle Esperanza | Community | Guayaquil

With their daughter in their arms, Fernando Bohórquez and Doris Guerrero entered for the first time what will be their home in the Valle Esperanza housing plan, in the Monte Sinaí sector, in northwest Guayaquil.

The Bohórquez Guerrero family was one of those whose homes were severely damaged in the attack with explosives that took place on Sunday, August 14, in the Décima and H, sector of Cristo del Consuelo known as Calle 8, in the suburb, a shores of the Salado estuary.

At a slow pace, Doris toured each of the three bedrooms and the living room of the new house this Tuesday the 20th. She turned on the sink and bathroom faucets. Likewise, she proved that the set of keys that the Municipal Housing Company gave her was the correct one.

She is four months pregnant, and now she says she is calmer knowing that she has a secure roof and a place where she will be more comfortable for the reception of her second child. “I feel very happy. I am, I think, the first to receive my house, and she has been waiting for it for a long time. It is a blessing to already have my house, ”she says.

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From the day of the explosion, the couple moved to a relative’s in the same sector of Cristo del Consuelo. The upper floor of the building in which they lived suffered damage to the zinc roof, to three walls (front and side) and to the floor, which cracked. “It wasn’t safe. I was afraid to go back, or fix it and know that my little daughter could be there and at some point she could drop something on her or that it would come crashing down, ”says Guerrero.

The couple used to go during certain hours of the day to check the appliances and furniture that were still inside the affected house.

Doris together with Fernando had made a loan of almost $6,000 to adapt the space in which they were living. They had less than six months of having moved to the house of an aunt who rented the apartment.

“We have a little relief, because we already have a place to live, even though we have to pay the debt of something that was destroyed,” says the 29-year-old, who is the head of the household.

In the early hours of Sunday, August 14, there was an attack with explosives. At least 11 buildings were affected. Photo: The Universe

The delivery of the house in Valle Esperanza was one of the promises that Mayor Cynthia Viteri made a few days after the explosion. The announcement was made considering that eleven homes in the Tenth and H sectors were affected. The strong explosion also caused 5 deaths and 17 injuries.

In this housing plan, in the northwest of the city, there are thirteen houses that have already been delivered. The families that enjoy the 93-square-meter homes, which are made of cement, are those in a vulnerable situation, as is the case of the Bohórquez-Guerrero couple, affirms Patricia Rivera, president of the Municipal Public Company of Living place.

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In this sector of the city, two hectares are being prepared on which 114 houses will be built. “We see that there is harmony with the community, a coexistence at home and that they are families that take care of their children,” says Rivera, commenting on the parameters that are analyzed to donate the houses in the housing plan, which has support from the private sector.

This Tuesday the 20th, Oswaldo Bombón also received a house. At the moment, the father of five children lived in a cane house that was located in front of Valle Esperanza. “I think there is nothing more beautiful than knowing that you have a home and that your children will be safe,” notes Bombón. (YO)

First family affected by explosion in Cristo del Consuelo received keys to a new home in Valle Esperanza | Community | Guayaquil