‘Family Secrets’: Change of version

‘Family Secrets’: Change of version

Ilgaz warns Ceylín that the blood they found in the car that Engin rented in the Chapter 7 of Family Secrets belongs to Inci. “It was the evidence we needed to put him in jail,” the prosecutor tells the lawyer over the phone. The latter she loses her temper and decides to visit the one who was her great friend and confront him: “I know that you were the one who killed my sister.”

Engin has no choice but to confess the truth to him in Family secrets. Of course, he warns him that he will never turn himself in to the police and will deny any accusation against him. Ceylín, furious, grabs an ashtray and is about to hit him on the head with it, but, at the last moment, Engin turns and manages to knock the young woman unconscious. Immediately afterwards, he escapes through the window of his office, at the same time that the police arrive to arrest him.

Thanks to Ilgaz, the chase doesn’t have long to go. The prosecutor manages to catch the lawyer and Eren is in charge of putting the handcuffs on him. Afterwards, he is taken to the police station and locked up in the cells, while Pars carefully analyzes the evidence. He now has two suspects for Inçi’s murder: Engin and, also, Osman.

On the other hand, Metin heals Çinar at his home. The wound that the young man inflicted during a fight in prison has reopened after his confrontation with Zafer. After calming down his son and promising to help her out of the mess he is in, he leaves for the place where Çinar told him that he left the body of Inçi’s father behind. The policeman finds the deceased in the middle of a pool of blood. With great care, he puts the corpse in the trunk, with the idea of ​​getting rid of it the next day, and burns all the evidence that incriminates his youngest son.

Hours later, he returns home and tells Çinar that everything is resolved. The boy cries in his father’s arms. He feels very guilty for having killed Zafer. Metin tries to reassure him: «You acted in self-defense. If he hadn’t kidnapped you and intended to kill you, the gun he was carrying would not have gone off. It was all an accident.” No one in Zafer’s family has suspected his absence, as they believe that he went to work as a fisherman and simply has not communicated with them yet.

Ceylín offers to be Osman’s lawyer on one condition.

Back at the police station, Ceylín offers to be Osman’s lawyer. «I will prove that you had nothing to do with my sister’s death, but, in exchange, you will confess your infidelity to Aylín. You will not continue to deceive her, “says the girl. The lawyer manages to place her brother-in-law in a hotel with Zümrüt the night of Inçi’s murder, thanks to some recordings, for which the man is exonerated.

Once at home, the man keeps his word and reveals to Aylín that he was unfaithful with another woman. To this blow, one more is added. And it is that Ceylín is forced to tell her mother and her sister that Engin, whom they both adore, is Inçi’s murderer. Of course, Gül does not believe the words of his daughter and continues to think that Çinar is the real culprit.

Meanwhile, Yekta tries to help his son. However, there is much evidence that places Inçi at her house on the night of the murder. “It’s very strange that her wife changed the whole room days later. Was she trying to wipe out any trace of the girl?” Pars asks, suspecting the correct answer to the question. Engin confronts his father, because he believes that he is not defending him as he should: «It seems that you want me to stay in prison. You’ve always been ashamed of me.”

A week later, Engin’s murder trial begins. Before the hearing begins, the boy asks to speak. Before the court and the rest of those present, he blames his father for Inçi’s death. Yekta is paralyzed.

‘Family Secrets’: Change of version