Family fleeing the war in Afghanistan arrives in Albisola: “A small miracle, the result of a commitment that lasted 5 months”

To Albisola Superiore have been saved four lives destined to certain death at the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan. “A small miracle has been achieved, the result of an enormous work that lasted more than five months”. The councilor Luca Ottonello from Albisolo commented on the solidarity action developed in recent days.

But let’s take a step back. “It was Thursday 23 June when we met with the mayor Garbarini and the deputy mayor Gambetta fellow citizen Franco Tessoreformer city councilor and currently United University student of International Sciences with specialization in Afghan history and culture and with consolidated contacts over time with different families, inside and outside the Afghan State, which makes us aware of the danger facing an Afghan familyof Hazara ethnic minority, Shiite, always persecuted with particular ferocity by the Taliban, Sunni fundamentalists, escaped from the Taliban coup and civil war Afghanistan has temporarily arrived in Iran in possession of a visa that expires on 8 October ”explains Ottonello.


“Since that day we decided to join the cause and try to helptogether with Tessore, to get the family out of Iran and get them to Italy – goes on -. Thus began a dense correspondence of letters and emails signed by the mayor to the Italian embassy in Tehran, to the foreign ministry, to the interior ministry and a whole complicated series of attempts to contact the institutions and competent bodies in order to exploit a humanitarian corridor to make the family leave Iran ”.

Ottonello continues: “It is with the foreign ministry that personally, as councilor for the Sai project (formerly Sprar, ed) and to the reception, I deepen the question and try to extricate myself from the bureaucratic labyrinths and the complications related to the cases of those directly affected by complex humanitarian events. With the support of Anci and the secretariat of the foreign ministry after three months we arrive at a solution: build a reception and care plan by an associative solidarity network. This was the keystone to unblock the situation together with the fundamental support of Arci Nazionale, a solidarity body qualified and recognized by the ministry to welcome through the humanitarian corridors with the critical and war zones in the world ”.

At that point the Albisolese administration called the local associations, and already part of the Albisolidale network, presenting the project to which “there was immediately a great demonstration of sensitivity and a spirit of solidarity right from the start” underlines Ottonello. And that’s how it is a ‘solidarity machine’ has been set in motion thanks to Arci, Arci Savona, Arcimedia, Anpi Savona Provincial Committee, Anpi Albisola Superiore, Croce Verde Albisola, the Society of San Vincenzo De Paoli – Savona and Albisola Superiore, the Amateur Fishermen Association of Albisola Superiore, the Alpini delle Albisole Group, AIB – Civil Protection of Albisola Superiore, Circolo Ricreativo e Sociale Crcs Luceto, Aned and other volunteer citizens who immediately made their time and commitment available to try to achieve the result.


“The last month has been a crescendo of emotions in a complicated geopolitical and national political landscape between protests and revolts in Iran in defense of women, the resignation of the Draghi government and the new political elections in Italy and the imminent expiry of visas for the family’s stay in Iran – the Albisolese commissioner said -. Once the project was prepared and sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Interior for the appropriate checks and confirmation of acceptance, it was necessary to renew the family’s visas by one month. At the end of October the family received summoning to the Italian embassy in Tehran for the issue of visas e the authorization to leave for Italy“.

“The Italian dream and the Albisola project began to materialize and, after a further but final setback due to an airline that hindered the family’s first departure, Saturday morning they boarded the flight that took them to Italy – Ottonello informs, satisfied -. A delegation of volunteers of the solidarity network of Albisolese went to Milan Malpensa airport to wait for them and take them to Albisolawhere a large welcoming committee was there waiting for them to make them feel the great warmth that these people needed who thanks to the generosity of so many volunteers were able to caress the dream of a new life safe away from political, religious and non-political persecution. last, from the certain death sentence ”, he concludes.

Family fleeing the war in Afghanistan arrives in Albisola: “A small miracle, the result of a commitment that lasted 5 months” –