Family doctors ASL Oristano: from disadvantaged locations to the increase in ceilings

Identification of disadvantaged and very disadvantaged locations, toincrease in the maximum number of patients from 1500 to 1800 patients, use of medical guards with up-to-date remuneration, freelance collaborations with retired colleagues. These are the main extraordinary measures identified by the Advisory Committee of the ASL 5, a body composed of representatives of the socio-health company and medical unions, which met on Wednesday 14 at the ASL registered office in via Carducci in Oristano, to address the lack of family doctors in the area and ensure basic assistance to citizens.

The meeting, chaired by the coordinator of the office for integration hospital territory Alessandro Baccoli, was attended by the directors of the three socio-health districts of Oristano, Peppinetto Figus, Ales-Terralba, Andrea Floris and Ghilarza-Bosa, Sergio Obinu and the representatives of the medical unions Fimmg, Snami and Union agreement.

“It was a fruitful and constructive meeting – comments the General Manager of Asl 5 Angelo Serusi – in which the Oristano health care company and the medical unions, to which a great sense of responsibility must be recognized, found a unit of intentions »« During the meeting – agrees the health director Antonio Maria Pinna – all the possible solutions to respond to the health needs of the communities were shared by the local health authorities and trade unions ».

The organism has unanimously approved the list of about 50 municipalities in the province of Oristano which, at a first estimate, meet the criteria identified by the Sardinia Region to obtain recognition as a disadvantaged and very disadvantaged location, a provision aimed at favoring the choice, by family doctors, of the most disadvantaged areas from a geographical point of view thanks to economic incentives based on the number of patients. The Committee’s proposal will now be examined by the Regional Committee. “With the approval of the list of disadvantaged and very disadvantaged locations we have cut an important milestone without delay – underlines Dr. Baccoli – we want to seize the opportunity of this additional tool made available by the Region to make the lacking locations more attractive and attract professionals in the most disadvantaged areas “.

A second measure, also this one dismissed with the favorable vote of all the members of the Committee, concerns the increase of the maximum number of patients that each family doctor can take care of, which will pass from 1500 to 1800 units in all areas of the province of Oristano. This provision, of a temporary nature and on the basis of the voluntary adhesion of doctors, already adopted in some territories, will now be extended to the whole province and will be maintained until the vacant seat is occupied by a new doctor in charge, with the aim of guarantee basic health care to those patients who have been deprived of it following retirement or the transfer of their family doctor.

From the meeting of the Committee the proposal of employ the doctors of Guarda medica on day shifts for the prescription of drugs and specialist visits, certifications, home visits, where all family doctors in the area have already reached the maximum number of patients that can be assisted and the calls for the replacement of absent professionals have gone empty. Also in this case, to favor a wider availability of medical on-call doctors, whose adhesion is on a voluntary basis, the Committee’s proposal is to use the economic lever, equating the hourly remuneration for daytime medical shifts to that recognized. to the Usca doctors: on this aspect the word will now pass to the Ares Conventioned Medicine Service.

Two other proposals put forward by the Committee, to be examined with the competent regional bodies: to appeal to retired doctors, who could be called back into service with a freelance contract if the need arises; when a notice for replacement of a primary care physician goes wild, that assistance is provided voluntarily by other doctors in the area with the compensation provided for occasional visits.

The measures dismissed by the Committee are added to that launched a few days ago by the ASL of Oristano, in collaboration with Ares, to keep open, without deadline, the calls for the search for family doctors, so as to encourage recruitment as soon as availability arrives by new professionals.

Family doctors ASL Oristano: from disadvantaged locations to the increase in ceilings – Sardegna Reporter