Family Center: four women on the new board of directors

In the presence of the Vicar General of the Diocese of Treviso, Fr Giuliano BrugnottoThe first inaugural session of the new board of directors of the “Centro della Famiglia” foundation in Treviso was held on Monday 12 September late in the evening.

The representation of women is growing for the first time in the history of the Foundation formally established in 1981. In addition to the confirmation of Antonella Santi, the designation of well three new advisers in fact, it brings in the majority the number of women on the board of 7 members in office for the next five years. Another great novelty, the unprecedented assignment of the office of deputy director to a lay member, Roberto Miotto, born in 1976, a lawyer from Ponte di Piave. As a sign of continuity, the management was entrusted to prof. Don Francesco Pesce, professor of theology at the Theological Faculty of Triveneto, former president of the Foundation. Furthermore, Adriano Bordignon, director of the Family Consultancy and President of the Forum of Veneto family associations, has been confirmed as treasurer. A board that, following the appointments conferred by the Bishop of Treviso, Mons.Michael Tomasi, after consultation with the volunteers of the Family Center, between confirmations and new entries, is ready to collect the legacy of the experience gained and put it to good use in future scenarios, for an institution that is increasingly attentive to the needs of families and the community.

The comment

«I am happy to start a new phase of the Family Center with the new board of directors – says Don Francesco Pesce -. A fruitful story that starts from afar and that, thanks to the heritage of study and in-depth study, the generosity and skills of the interpreters, is destined to bear much fruit. Also because of the pandemic and its consequences, we are faced with new challenges in taking care of family relationships, supporting those who are more fragile, offering tools to those who want to grow. We want to take the needs of today’s families seriously and we are convinced that these constitute the hub of the well-being of our territory. We feel the primary task of supporting families so that they are protagonists in the care of local communities and the Common Good, trying to build bridges and social cohesion. As a Family Center we wish to continue to be spokespersons for the needs of families and interlocutors with public institutions, making available our wealth of skills and our network of families for the construction of a social environment that recognizes the value of stable, inclusive relationships. , capable of supporting and thinking about the future. We would like to be – continues Pesce – an expression of an outgoing Church, as Pope Francis says, capable of staying on the road, of walking with the people of today, of raising those who get hurt, of enthusing and looking ahead. Thanks to the many volunteers who have prepared themselves with training courses, the professionals and the various collaborators who make up the team with which to promote the good of families ».

Confirmed advisers

Davide Giorgi, born in 1964, entrepreneur, from Castello di Godego
Antonella Santi, born in 1964, accountant, from San Martino di Lupari

New appointments

Roberto Miotto, born in 1976, lawyer, from Ponte di Piave (deputy director)
Nicola Poloniato, born in 1968, sales agent, from Montebelluna
Silvia Prearo, born in 1971, lawyer, from Treviso
Paola Rossi, born in 1973, office worker, from Ponzano Veneto
Mariella Salvadori, born in 1955, retired, from Ponzano Veneto

Family Center: four women on the new board of directors