Family bonus of 2000 euros, the deadline is upon us: don’t let it slip away

A new 2000 euro family bonus that provides concrete help for all those who need it. Let’s see how it is required and what the basic requirements are.

Family bonus –

The Italian families with dependent children they are no longer able to go on, due to inflation and the increase in prices which is leading to a situation with no return. The outgoing government is implementing a series of measures and tools necessary to support this situation, so much so that families are forced to request any type of bonus available.

This gives 2,000 euros solves a long-standing situation and here’s how to request it immediately.

Italian families, what are the aids?

The Italian families with dependent children they are trying to survive a situation that has no return. We find ourselves inside a dark tunnel and do not see the way out, so much so that everyone is in crisis.

1200 euro family bonus
1200 euro family bonus –

From the pandemic to confrontation in Ukraine, inflation has reached 8% with forecasts of worsening in the autumn. There are some cars and family bonuses put in place by the government, some of which are about to expire.

Family bonus 2,000 euros: who is entitled to?

The Government confirmed the family bonus 2,000 eurosalso called Bonus Bebè, is dedicated to new born in 2021 and 2022 with a call open from 18 July 2022 and closing scheduled for 4 October.

Among the very important innovations, theexpected increase from 1,500 euros to 2,000 euros for each child. It is also a help that can be combined with other bonuses that are in support of parents such as the new nest bonus.

Mom and baby
Mother and

The measure was funded – with 4,500,000 euros – from Enpam. It is a non-profit foundation for social security and medical assistance that has approved this bonus to support all the children of members of a specific professional category (with resolution No. 59/2022).

The beneficiaries of this aid are the mothers doctor or dentists up to female students who are in the last year of university. It is a facility to continue their studies or continue to work, with an incoming allowance for each small child and the interested parties must be registered with Enpam.

Physicians who already carry out the activity differ in share A and share B, with the former who are enrolled in the professional register and the latter who are freelancers. The management of the disbursements must also be considered, because the contributions can go from 2,000 to 4,000 for each child.

Requirements and characteristics of the family bonus

The bonus paid by Enpam asks to respect some fundamental requirements:

  • The mother must not exceed the income of 54,531.36 euros over the previous three years
  • The increases are provided only if one of the members of the family is disabled
  • Contributions multiply for each child, even in the case of a twin birth
  • The conditions are active and the same in case of adoption or foster care.

THE money disbursed they are used to purchase all the goods necessary for the growth of the newborn child, to contact a babysitter and everything related to her care.

Mom with newborn
Mom with

Applications can be submitted up to October 4, 2022following all the instructions found on the official website of Enpam.

Family bonus of 2000 euros, the deadline is upon us: don’t let it slip away