Family and community nurse in the south

It’s been a year since, with courage and determination, 331 nurses across the whole territory of the South East Tuscany ASL started working with a new organizational model; a busy year with moments of training and meetings between professionals and the community.

The presentation of the data on this first year was attended by the general director of the South East Tuscany Local Health Authority Antonio D’Urso, Vianella Agostinelli nursing director of the Nursing and Midwifery Professions Department, Anna Beltrano director of Community Medicine South East Tuscany Local Health Authority, Barbara Mangiacavalli national president of the Federation of the orders of the nursing professions, of Nicola Pinelli director of the Italian Federation of Health and Hospital Companies, the Fnopi Presidents of Siena, Arezzo and Grosseto.

From 1 September 2021, every citizen in need who lives in the territory of the South-East Tuscany Local Health Authority has a family and community nurse as a reference. a health professional who recognizes and seeks to mobilize resources within communities increases and improves control over citizens’ health. Today there are 331 family and community nurses at work throughout the South East Tuscany ASL (117 Arezzo, 106 Siena and 108 Grosseto). The organization of work has evolved to guarantee a presence of the family and community nurse in the twelve hours of the day, seven days a week, starting from the conception of the home as the first place of care, present in every single portion of the territory and becoming the welfare reference for the population living in that specific context.

“We started the adoption of this new organizational model already in 2020, – declares the general manager of the ASL Antonio D’ Urso, – also on the push of the specific regional resolution of 2018. Our company is the leader in Tuscany and one of the first in Italy to have started this project and to have implemented family and community nurses throughout its territory. These figures – continues the general director Antonio D’ Urso – carry out highly integrated functions with all the professionals and other stakeholders who work for the health of citizens, such as family doctors, community doctors, social workers, physiotherapists but also pharmacies and voluntary associations”.

The adoption of this organizational model of territorial assistance has allowed the beginning of the construction of a relationship of strong integration with the hospital settings present in the area precisely to accompany the patient and his family in a functional way, in the various passages between settings hospital, intermediate care, palliative or home care.
It is a project of which the entire company is proud and which we want to continue to support and implement”.

“Each family and community nurse has been assigned a specific and delimited territory and the population that inhabits it, – declares Vianella Agostinelli, nursing director of the nursing and midwifery professions department, – taking into consideration the orographic, demographic, epidemiological characteristics, but also the population density and the social characteristics of the territory and of that specific community, precisely to offer the best proximity and closeness to the home, identified as the first place of care. Today after a year we are able to perceive its potential and effectiveness. We have recently activated a truly innovative service that allows you to geolocate your family nurse with simple operations and get in touch with him. This will greatly facilitate contact between patients and nurses and more generally between citizens and the health service”.

“I would like this project of the ASL Toscana sud est, – declared Barbara Mangiacavalli, national president of Fnopi, – to become a national laboratory in which to try to fine-tune this synergy between family nursing and the community as it emerges from the norms and the development of integrated home care for how it has changed after the State / Regions agreement of August 2021. I think it is a virtuous and innovative path to be taken as a model “.

Family and community nurse in the south-east Tuscany ASL, a year of growth and responsibility