Family abandonment: Abdoulaye Bountou Camara tried in Kaloum court

Summoned to court by his now former wife for “family abandonment”, Abdoulaye Bountou Camara appeared again last Thursday, November 10, 2022, before the Kaloum Criminal Court. At the bar, the defendant refuted the charges against him and accused his ex-wife of having fled to Dakar with their two children, reports through one of its journalists.

Abdoulaye Bountou Camara and Marguerite Camara got married in 2008. They lived together for 7 years (that is to say until 2015) before their couple experienced a brake that ended up putting an end to their life common. And, at the helm last Thursday, Abdoulaye Bountou Camara accused his wife of fleeing with their two children to Senegal without informing him. The defendant argues that his wife (the plaintiff in this case) took advantage of a day of sacrifice in honor of his grandmother, who died 40 days earlier, to slip away.

“I did not abandon my family. We stayed married until 2015 and she left without telling me. She abducted the children and put them in danger on the way to Senegal. I went to drop her off with the children at my in-laws on the eve of the said sacrifice. The next day, I called her several times; but his number did not go through. I called her mom to inform her, she also told me that she tried to reach her in vain. On the day of the sacrifice, Sunday, I went to Lambanyi to take part in the ceremony; but, I have not seen her with the children. I asked her mom to tell her that I’m going to come home in the evening to take her home with the children. In the evening, I am informed that they have not seen my family. On Monday, I went to the direction of the judicial police (DPJ) to declare the disappearance of my family. Afterwards, I am told that she and the children are in Dakar. Three months later, her family informs me that she has returned with the children. I go and get her, her brother tells me that I have children with them; but, not a woman”, explained Abdoulaye Bountou Camara.

Returning to the abandonment of the family for which he is accused, the defendant claimed his innocence.

“I went to stay with the family, I bought food, I continued to pay for their schooling. But, she took the children out of the school where they were studying to take them elsewhere,” he said, while holding up a payslip which shows that he continued to give money to his wife. and payment receipts for her children’s schooling.

But, for Marguerite Camara, Abdoulaye Bountou Camara simply abandoned her with her children.

“Since I left, he has not assumed his responsibilities. He didn’t pay for the children’s schooling, he didn’t give alimony and he didn’t take care of the children. That’s why I filed a complaint, ”she replied.

Regarding her trip to Dakar with their two children, Marguerite Camara highlighted the “violence” of her ex-husband.

“He was too violent with me, he even abused me in the street. I’m afraid of this man. My family intervened several times between us; but, it didn’t work”, she defended herself.

Faced with his insistence on his accusations, the court opposed him the documents produced by the defendant and which justify that he at least paid alimony and school fees for his children until a certain moment. And, faced with the evidence, Marguerite Camara ended up recognizing that her husband paid her 900,000 Guinean francs per month and that he paid the school fees.

Thus, the prosecutor and the lawyer for the civil party asked Marguerite Camara if she wished to return to her husband in the event that the latter undertook to change. But, the complainant replied that she no longer wishes to live with Abdoulaye Bountou Camara.

Finally, the court sent the case back to next Wednesday, November 16, 2022, for pleadings and requisitions.

Mamadou Yahya Petel Diallo for

Family abandonment: Abdoulaye Bountou Camara tried in Kaloum court –