Exclusive Telenoche: Mosquera defended himself and read the chats with the family of Blas Correas

With the reading of chats sent to the family of Valentino Blas Strapsthe former Minister of Security of the Province, Alfonso Mosquera, defended himself against the accusations against him for the crime of the teenager in the hands of the Police. exclusively with Telenochethe former official assured that he acted “within the law”.

In addition to reading the messages addressed to laciar solitudethe mother of the young man murdered on August 6, 2020, Mosquera shared the texts he sent to José Mana, the prosecutor who was in charge of the investigation of the episode.

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For Mosquera, the case of Blas Correas is “a heinous crime” and on the trial that takes place in the Justice of Córdoba, he considered: “I have no doubt that a sentence adjusted to law will be handed down both for the material authors and for those who sought impunity and the cover-up of it”.

I will wait expectantly for the time to be summoned to trial to render a testimonial statement,” stressed the former head of the Ministry of Security.

– How do you explain that you have been the head of a police force that kills civilians and wants to make a mess by planting a weapon?

– I was not the head of the Police, I was the Minister of Security of the Government of the Province. The ministers do not have operational responsibilities, we outline public security policies. The Provincial Police is an armed civil force that has its own operational management in which I have never interfered.

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messages to the family

Mosquera, who this week was displaced as Minister of Security, assured that from the first moment he maintained communication with the family of Blas Correas and also with the prosecutor Mana. “At 8:36 on August 6 I contacted the only phone I could get“, he pointed.

said in Telenoche that the first messages were addressed to Ramiro Saravia, partner of the mother of Valentino Blas Correas. While on August 12, he wrote to Mana to express his support for the investigation.

The former minister stated that out of “respect for mourning” he waited a few days to communicate with Soledad Laciar.

Finally, he read the entire message:

“Good afternoon, ma’am. Even if I tried my best to do it, I would never find the words necessary to express my regret, that of my government and that of my family for the tragic event that cost Valentino Blas his life. I have communicated with his husband Ramiro from the first moment and with his lawyer, with no intention other than not to invade your privacy at this time, but I feel the moral obligation and the personal need to send these lines directly to you and I apologize if I make you uncomfortable.

I just want to tell you with all due respect that I am at your service, that I will put all of myself and the ministry that I am in charge of for the total clarification of your child’s crime and reach the ultimate consequences and responsibilities.

If at any time you want to meet with me, by the way you want or where you deem convenient, I am at your entire disposal. I salute you with respect and admiration for your integrity to you and your family.”

At the disposal of Justice

Mosquera justified his response at the time of the crime. “I am at the disposal of Justice because it is a legal mandate, I am a man of law and a slave to the law. Whoever has doubts about my actions should investigate me,” he said.

On the other hand, he acknowledged what he regrets the night of the event: “I regret that if I had known, if they had informed me that Mrs. Laciar was at the Police Headquarters that fateful morning and I was not being treated properly, I would have gone there immediately”.

His response to the accusations

Mosquera rejected the accusations raised against him in the middle of the trigger-happy case. “I see the appearance of some characters with unspeakable purposes calling into question my actions. I ask, If they sense that I have worked outside the law, they should report me accordingly.“.

The former minister minimized the statements of former commissioner Gonzalo Cumplido, who assured that Mosquera “ruined life”. In this regard, he emphasized: “Don’t make me waste my time with fringe characters who used this case to mount candidacies.” He recalled that the former police chief was a candidate for deputy in the primary elections (Paso) of 2021.

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