Elections. Life, family and gender contrast in schools. Here is the charter of principles of Pro Vita and Family Day

Rome, September 16, 2022

“There is no party that fully represents our principles, but there are some that welcome many of our requests and others that propose exactly the opposite, namely death of the state, free drugs and commodification of the body of women and children. For this reason, abstention is a crime against the common good. All those who intend to defend and promote life, the family and educational freedom have the duty to go to the polls ”. Like this Massimo Gandolfinion the occasion of the presentation today of the Charter of Principles promoted by Family Day and by Pro Vita & Famiglia for the elections of 25 September 2022.

“Ethical issues and civil rights have become central in the election campaign and for the future of the country. From the protection of life to the LGBT requests of the Zan Ddl, from assisted suicide with the Bazoli Ddl to the legalization of Cannabis, but also denatality, family policies and the rented uterus as a universal crime “he added. Jacopo Coghe. «We believe it is fundamental – he continued – that in the next legislature the Parliament should discuss yes on the end of life but on how to alleviate suffering; yes on cannabis but on how to protect young people from addictions; yes on abortion and women’s rights but on how to support and encourage motherhood and reconciliation between family and work; yes on gender identity but on how to protect the right of children to receive an education that does not question their biological identity ».


Life, family and educational freedom they are in fact the central points of the Charter of Principles, presented at the Hotel Nazionale, in the Sala Capranichetta, in piazza Montecitorioin the presence of politicians, parliamentarians and candidates.

The Charter intends to remind all party leaders and candidates to the need to promote and protect the most urgent and no longer postponable issues inherent in particular to life, the family and educational freedom. An appeal for the policy to undertake to respect these points and take charge of them.

The document explicitly asks for action to be taken to counter the demographic decline taking place in Italy, thus protecting maternity, paternity and the rights of the unborn, also with the establishment of a National Day of the nascent life. At the same time there is a need to eliminate any condition that, as often happens, forces or induces women to abort. On the life frontFurthermore, the text asks future parliamentarians to invest more in palliative care, guarantee the right to conscientious objection of health personnel and counter the spread and use of any drug.

On the familyInstead, the Charter commits politicians to promote the latter as a natural society formed by a man and a woman as per the Constitution, to facilitate the formation of new families and to provide specific economic, fiscal and social benefits for the numerous ones. The protection of minors is a central point of the document, which asks to facilitate national and international adoption practices and protect children and adolescents from any form of addiction and the dangers deriving from pornography and hypersexualization.

The third point, finally, aims to promote the educational freedom and investing in the quality of the school offer, both public state and public equivalent. The Charter emphasizes the need to remove any obstacle to the right to educational freedom, guarantee the use of prior informed consent by parents and counter any form of political exploitation of the school for the purposes of ideological propaganda, with particular reference to gender theories that would like promote gender fluidity and sexual indifferentism.

Elections. Life, family and gender contrast in schools. Here is the charter of principles of Pro Vita and Family Day