Elections, Confcooperative Sanità: “Investing in primary care and family doctors”

MODENA- “The pandemic has shown that it is necessary stop strengthening hospital structures only without actually being integrated with primary care and with general practitioners, which must also be supported with staff made available to them to cope with the chronic conditions of the patients and lighten the bureaucratic tasks. It is therefore necessary increase the share of the National Annual Fund budget allocated to the Primary Care Region by up to 9%stopped at 6% for over 40 years. Only by investing in local health can the ERs be relieved more and more to collapse and to break down waiting lists that are still too long “.

This is the appeal to candidates in political elections launched by Fr.resident of Confcooperative Health Emilia-Romagna Dr. Euro Grassiwhich has drawn up a manifesto to highlight the priorities for intervention within the Regional Health System.

“We have to to enable general practitioners to do their job, which is impossible today because they are overwhelmed by hundreds of daily requests and with too many bureaucratic requirements to manage – continues Dr. Grassi – Healthcare companies should be delegated support services to GPs such as information and booking call centers. They must then be foreseen adequate allowances to be able to take advantage of nurses and collaborators which can be framed within medical cooperatives and support their work, so as to make the service more efficient. Also, you need to plan specific training courses in General Medicine on the real needs of our territories expected for the next few years “.

The regional president of Confcooperative Sanità also asks that “the Health Homes and Community Hospitals are transformed into a real local health service as a 24-hour center for continuity of care, treatment paths for chronic patients, basic and specialist vaccinations and examinations that can be carried out quickly “.

“It is necessary – adds Dr. Grassi – change the PNRR so that resources on personal services and local health are not concentrated exclusively on the construction of physical structures such as Health Homes and Community Hospitals, but adequate funding is also provided for management and personnel expenses for primary care and medical doctors general”.

Regarding the lack of personnel found at all levels, the president of Confcooperative Sanità Emilia Romagna asks, among other things, to “enhance the figure of the Specialized Social Healthcare Operator (OSS-S) provided for by the State-Regions agreement of 2003, so that it can carry out assistance activities under nursing supervision in the contexts of territorial social and health assistance “.

In conclusion, Dr. Grassi also emphasizes the importance of role of medical, nurse, pharmaceutical and mutual aid cooperatives that “can contribute in a decisive way to guaranteeing performance, services and social standing for the Regional Health System, applying to be a subsidiary and complementary pillar in the reorganization of territorial medicine“.

“But it is essential to understand – concludes Grassi – that ours are real cooperatives and not mere professional societies created ad hoc to administer medical personnel to hospitals in shortage, especially in the emergency rooms, to replace the missing figures. Our quality health cooperation, present for decades in this region, does not mediate professionals specialized in hospital wards, but works in territorial medicine in a subsidiary logic and not at all a substitute for the Regional Health System “.

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Elections, Confcooperative Sanità: “Investing in primary care and family doctors” – SulPanaro | News