Don Francisco reflects with Pedro Fernández and his family

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(CNN Spanish) – CNN in Spanish presents this Sunday, September 25 at 10 pm, Miami time, Don Francisco: Reflections 2022. In this opportunity, the famous presenter interviews the Mexican singer and actor Pedro Fernández who, together with his wife and two of his three daughters, talks about his successful career, which includes more than 39 musical productions, 25 movies, seven soap operas and television series.

“I started singing for games, at the age of 8 I realized that I always wanted to sing. He didn’t think of being like someone else, he listened to Vicente Fernández and Pedro Infante. Don Vicente introduced me to the executives of a record company, they listened to me and signed me a contract and that’s where my career began”, says Fernández.

Don Francisco assures that Pedro Fernández is one of those artists who are born artists: “He has won all possible awards for acting and music in Mexico, the United States and several countries on the continent. He has given his music to millions in the world, with the same simplicity he has done it before kings and queens, presidents, pontiffs and in front of his beloved Virgin of Guadalupe”.

“I have a special affection for him not only because every time we have called him to be in our Chilean Telethon he has said always present. I can consider him a good friend. I have witnessed his career and his successes for several decades. He is, without a doubt, a great artist and a great human being”, he adds.

Pedro Fernández talks about who was his musical influence and the figure that led him on the path of music. “I still enjoy singing, my grandfather was always my influence, he played the violin, he was my manager, advisor, a guide for me. I believe that when someone wants to do something, they should fight to make it happen. In music there are no easy things, you have to be patient”.

As if that were not enough, the interpreter of the song “La Mochila Azul” is honest with Don Francisco and says that once he thought about leaving his career as a singer: “My change of voice at 12 or 13 years old was complicated, many people told me that I was not going to sing anymore, I was very worried and felt that my career would end.”

In the conversation, viewers will be able to learn about the love story between him and his wife Rebeca and how his daughters work by his side, either as managers or composers.

“I met my wife in Reynosa, Tamaulipas; I met an exceptional woman, she had never fallen in love with me until that day. I traveled to see her for a few hours, I thought about her and shortly after I asked her to marry me, I convinced her of her and I have been married for 34 years ”” the singer points out excitedly.

Don Francisco: Reflections 2022 presents an interview with singer and actor Pedro Fernández on Sunday, September 25 at 10 pm Miami time on CNN en Español.

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Don Francisco reflects with Pedro Fernández and his family – KESQ