Deworming pets prevents diseases in the family

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  • The pet products market in Colombia has grown in recent years. years. The relevance that companion animals have gained for households and the consumption of elements intended for them meant that in 2019 these products will enter the measurement of family basket.
  • The importance of dogs and cats having a optimal external and internal deworming and up to date It favors not only pets, but also the people who live with them.

To use a common phrase, it is said that the dog is man’s best friend and this statement is gaining more and more strength in Colombian homes as a result of population dynamics. Every day it is more common to see families with few members who decide to share their lives with pets, which are now considered a very important member of the home.

Currently, we find endless spaces and products created especially for the health and well-being of pets. According to the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE), the pet market in Colombia has been growing in recent years, which is why since 2019 this segment entered the measurement of the family basket that is carried out year after year.

However, despite this large number of products and services, there is still a lack of knowledge regarding the proper care that should be taken with animals kept at home and how not doing so could be detrimental to human health. For this reason, it is vitally important to stay alert, since factors such as the place of residence, the activities carried out by our pet, the places it visits, as well as heat and humidity, can cause various effects on animal health, with consequences the contagion of fleas, ticks or other parasites that are present at any time of the year, which can cause serious diseases in both dogs and cats and in humans.

“In the world there are more than 200 zoonotic diseases detected, (diseases transmissible from animals to humans), 60 percent of the infectious pathologies that human beings have today are transmitted in this way. For this reason, MSD Animal Health in Colombia focuses its efforts to offer all those responsible for pets innovative treatments and vaccines to guarantee animal welfare and optimal health and, therefore, achieve that of all multispecies families”, says Gabriel García, Technical Manager of the Companion Animals Unit of MSD Salud Animal in Colombia.


According to the World Health Organization, between 70 and 80 percent of dogs are infested with these parasites. Fleas and ticks have a long life cycle, being found mainly in tall grasses, bushes and trees. Therefore, the main source of contagion occurs during walks to the parks and in the coexistence with other dogs and cats that have not been externally dewormed and that have these ectoparasites. Additionally, these parasites can be easily transported into the home. even when the pet does not leave the housewhich means that some guardians do not see the need for preventive antiparasitic treatment as relevant.


Given this scenario, MSD Animal Health in Colombia invites you to take into account the following points to protect pets and the whole family:

  • Go to the Veterinary Doctor: Approximately 27 percent of pet owners do not know that their dog has ticks and 37 percent of them never consult the Veterinarian about this problem. Taking this into account, it is recommended to promote preventive medicine to contribute and ensure the health of pets. This should include: external and internal deworming and keeping the vaccination schedule updated.
  • Acquire medicines in authorized sites: The Veterinary Doctor is solely responsible for formulating an innovative external deworming treatment, with up to 12 weeks of protection, and developed under the highest quality standards. It is important to purchase it only from established sites. This will guarantee the authenticity of the treatments, in addition to ensuring the dose and method of administration, in order to avoid putting the health and life of the pet at risk. Remember that the safety of your dog or cat should always come first.
  • Perform constant fumigation and cleaning: Parasites are not a hygiene or cleanliness problem; however, as a complementary treatment it is necessary to carry out these activities. Through these good habits, the appearance of pests is prevented, hygiene and human health are encouraged, and the prevention of tick and flea infestation is guaranteed. Keep in mind that fumigation only attacks adult parasites, but not immature forms of the parasite, so it is important to have a deworming treatment that effectively cuts the life cycle of these organisms.
  • Brush the pets: Dogs and cats are very susceptible to being infested regardless of whether they have home habits and do not leave the house. Adult fleas and ticks, as well as immature forms, take advantage of walks to the park and, in general, any time to camouflage themselves in the fur and enter the home. Hence, it is recommended to brush your pet’s hair at least every three days, in order to keep it clean and also remove dead hair.
  • Check frequently: If an adult parasite is found on the animal, it may already be too late due to the high reproductive rates that these parasites have. Also, a single bite can transmit other diseases for which both fleas and ticks serve as carriers (vector-borne diseases).
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MSD Animal Health in Colombia, in accordance with its mission: “The Science of the Healthiest Animals”, recommends consulting a veterinary health professional and seeking personalized advice periodically, in order to have greater control and prevent pests that result in a terrible experience for the pet and the owners. Remember that prevention always gives a good support to be prepared against possible ailments.

For more than a century, MSD, the world’s leading biopharmaceutical company, has developed medicines and vaccines for a host of challenging diseases worldwide. MSD Animal Health, a division of Merck & Co., Inc., Rahway, NJ, USA, is the global animal health business unit of Merck. Through its commitment to Science of Healthier Animals® “The Science of Healthier Animals”, MSD Animal Health offers Veterinarians, producers, pet owners and governments a wide range of solutions and services related to veterinary pharmaceuticals, vaccines and health management. MSD Animal Health is dedicated to preserving and improving the health, well-being and performance of animals. The company invests intensively in Research and Development, as well as in a modern and global distribution chain. MSD Animal Health has a presence in more than 50 countries and its products are available in around 150 markets.

In line with the mission “The Science of Healthier Animals”, Merck Animal Health supports the adoption of a “One Health” approach to improve the health and well-being of animals, people and the environment around us. Through collaboration with stakeholders, the company works to develop new strategies, innovative products and technological solutions for the main health challenges that affect both animals and people, including antimicrobial resistance, zoonotic diseases and diseases transmitted by vectors, with the aim of ensuring a safe and sustainable food supply.


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Deworming pets prevents diseases in the family