Death of a municipal employee in Haute

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Magali, a municipal employee in Fonsorbes, committed suicide on August 29 after years of harassment at work. Lawyers for the family of the deceased are launching a criminal action to shed light on this tragedy.

The time for contemplation and mourning is over. Pierrick and Dorian, the sons of Magali and Nicolas, his older brother, want to obtain exemplary sanctions for those they consider responsible for the suicide of this municipal employee of Fonsorbes which occurred on August 29.

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Their lawyers, Camille Lauga and Joris Morer will file a complaint against X for moral harassment at work, aggravated willful violence, incitement to suicide and attempted homicide. Although they have in mind the names of the main people responsible for the death of the fifty-year-old, the two lawyers file a complaint against X in order to “leave no track”.

” A spider web “

Every day, Mes Morer and Lauga receive new pieces and new testimonies which bring to light a toxic management mode within the town hall of the small town in the west of Toulouse. “The case is complex. It’s a spider’s web, we have to untangle all that, Magali is not the only victim in this case, about twenty other agents were suffering. We do not exclude taking joint action, ”assures Me Lauga. According to our information, a colleague of Magali also assigned to the maintenance of the Trépadé school group had threatened to commit suicide. He had given a letter to his manager telling him that if he was found hanging from a beam in the school gymnasium, she should give this letter to the HRD of the town hall.

“Hanged from a beam in the school gymnasium”

Magali and he would have been the preferred targets of the executive who headed the maintenance department of Fonsorbes. Pressures of all kinds, homophobic remarks, denigration, overwork, seemed to punctuate their daily lives. It is written black on white in the reports of the technical committees which Françoise Siméon, the mayor of Fonsorbes regularly attended. or remarks of a sexual nature”, reports Me Morer.
In March 2022, the offending executive was “closed” and went on sick leave. The companion of this one would have taken over to the point of rushing with his company vehicle on Magali, hence the complaint for attempted murder filed by the two lawyers. Since the tragedy, Françoise Siméon has been under fire from critics for not having grasped the extent of the suffering of maintenance service agents. The next city council which will take place next Monday promises to be particularly tense.

No resignation in sight

The first magistrate does not intend, for the moment, to give up her apron: “Today, the question does not arise. I have a community to run. Depending on the results of the investigations, I may reconsider my position. “While waiting for justice to take up the case, a retired magistrate, appointed by elected officials, will conduct an investigation to shed light on this tragedy which besets Fonsorbes. At the same time, an action plan will be put in place either internally via a joint committee (elected representatives and trade unions) or by an audit firm in order to change managerial practices within municipal services.
“For months the unions and ourselves have warned the mayor about the situation, without things really moving. It is inconceivable that the improvement of working conditions should be carried out in a vacuum. We absolutely need outside help”, storms Jean-Claude Pilet, elected from the list “Fonsorbes, people first”.

Death of a municipal employee in Haute-Garonne: the family of the deceased files a complaint for incitement to suicide and attempted homicide