Condé pedophile. A grip on a fragile and idle family that will have lasted 5 months

During his trial, Vincent Bailly will constantly pretend to be a good Samaritan, flying to the aid of unfortunate children. He will even indicate having obtained his Bafa and having animated leisure centers. Startlings. ” The touching was not planned in my head. I like helping people. I did this for them, that’s all“, he says, evoking the grip he had on the children of Coralie and Hervé, both tried – at the same time as him in this case – for having failed in their parental obligation. Sitting in front of their respective lawyers, Maîtres Douchy and Frère, Bastien’s mother and father listened to their child describe what he had suffered, in part because of their neglect. Hunched and destitute, they nevertheless came out of their reserve to say a few touching words to their children, moved. ” I recognize my flaws. I will no longer trust anyone and I will protect my children 100%. I apologize to them. It hurt them as much as it hurt me“, will say the mother, a small young woman with a dejected air, floating in too baggy clothes and whose facial features Bastien took. ” I blame myself a lot; I failed in my duty, I would like to ask their forgiveness“, will say the father, gardener, long hair slicked back.

Victims of their social misery

Fabien looks like him, features for features. During the suspensions of hearing, the parents, a little clumsy, a little awkward, will try gestures of affection towards their two boys. A hug on Fabien’s arm for the father. A few words, smiles and looks for Bastien, from the mother. They haven’t seen each other for four years. Although partly accused in this case, one wonders if these two are not victims. Victims of their credulity, their intellectual failure, their social misery. At home, in Condé, idleness was total. A Germinal decor, only worse. The gray roughcast facade is chiseled with cracks. A ruin. Upstairs, parents and siblings sleep in the same room. The outside looks like a small dump. Despite this context of misery, the children seem well educated and have never posed a problem, attests the only friend of the couple. A miracle.

“He touched me every day”

From the height of his 13 years, Bastien – described as an intelligent young person – came to testify before the Court with great courage. Without emptying his bag, however, the young boy answered the painful questions clearly and clearly. ” He touched my sex every night, around 10 p.m., before I went to sleep. He forced me to touch him. He put his penis in my mouth without asking me. He also put his penis in my buttocks. I told him to stop. He took pictures of us with his cell phone. I was scared ; I knew that wasn’t happening. I told my parents that I didn’t want to go back there. Vincent held me back. I didn’t dare leave. Despite their child’s request, Bastien’s parents continued to send him there. Vincent Bailly did not want to return their son to them, the mother will justify herself. Even blackmailing suicide. One day, Coralie came across pornographic photos featuring her son and the accused. Again, she said nothing. She even tried to camouflage this discovery, by stealing the computer after the arrest of Vincent Bailly, so that the police did not search it. Fabien, the eldest of the siblings, also spent a lot of time with this imaginary “godfather”. If he claims to have never been abused, he indicates that he saw the pornographic images and videos that were looping at the Condéen.

The runaway that will start it all

Bastien’s ordeal lasted three months. Three months during which he lived day and night with Vincent Bailly. Until the day when: July 6, 2018, a worrying disappearance was reported by the Condé children’s home. Yohan*, 8 years old, has not returned. Customary of untimely running away, the kid still takes the trouble to return home in the evening. Not this time. The next morning, the home receives a call from a certain Vincent, who asks questions about Yohan. Odd. The police patrol and see him in the streets of Condé with Bastien. The little boy tells the police that other children are in Vincent’s studio. They are Fabien and Yohan. All are then auditioned for the first time, and this is where justice comes into play. Before the Court, Yohan indicates that Vincent and Bastien – who is one of his class buddies – came to pick him up at the foyer on bicycles, so that he could sleep with Vincent. That evening, Vincent allegedly broadcast porn, before touching Quentin and climbing on top of him. ” He is disgusting. He offered to touch him, I said no. In front of the court, Yohan bursts into tears. The accused, as usual, gives a completely different version of the facts.

In pre-trial detention since 2018

He assures that Bastien brought his friend Yohan home. ” They told me that Yohan’s parents knew about it, so I trusted them. As night fell, Vincent would have liked to accompany Yohan home, but the latter cried not to return. ” He had his crisis. My phone was broken, I could not notify the home. I wasn’t going to send him back alone, in the street, at 11 p.m. So I phoned the next day, using the florist’s phone. ” The following ? The police tell Bastien and his parents that he should no longer go to Vincent Bailly, without specifying the reason. At that time, the accused has been under two socio-judicial follow-ups since 2015 and is supposed to respect a ban on contact with all minors. However, during a search of his home a few days later, Bastien is there again. Meanwhile, the owner of the studio will come across the abject files in his tenant’s computer. The judicial machine is racing. The children are heard again. Bastien ends up telling, in his own words, what his “godfather” did to him. On July 25, 2018, Bailly was placed in police custody for a second time, then in pre-trial detention until today. PB

*names changed

Condé pedophile. A grip on a fragile and idle family that will have lasted 5 months