Cold case: new hope for the family of Edith Schleichardt, who died 32 years ago in Toulouse and possible victim of Patrice Alègre

The death of Edith Schleichardt in 1990 in Cintegabelle (Haute-Garonne) is one of the many cases not elucidated by justice. The shadow of Patrice Alègre hangs over this crime but his guilt has never been proven. The opening of a new judicial investigation targeting the serial killer gives hope to his family.

His lifeless body was found in an industrial area of ​​Cintegabelle (Haute-Garonne) in September 1990, his clothes torn and a tear gas canister between his thighs.

A modus operandi and a period that correspond perfectly to the signature of Patrice Alègre”, underlines Maître Pierre Dunac.

The Toulouse lawyer represents the family of Edith Schleichardt22 years old at the material time, whose death has never been elucidated.

But this case could well experience a new twist. The Nanterre prosecutor’s office (Hauts-de-Seine) has just opened a new judicial investigation targeting three serial killers, including Patrice Alègre. Justice thus seeks to retrace the course of the Toulouse killer and to verify whether he has made other victims.

Despite the visual findings, the first experts concluded that it was a suicide by “drug intoxication”, based on the presence of several drugs in the samples taken from the body. The case is therefore closed.

Edith’s parents were racked with guilt for not seeing their daughter was unwell“recalls Master Dunac.

Thanks to the Alègre affair, the file was exhumed in 2003. A new autopsy concluded this time with a “ violent death” with ” the intervention of a third party“.

For Edith’s family it was a relief. They were finally losing the weight of guilté” explains the Toulouse lawyer.

Without proof, the track of Patrice Alègre is finally abandoned. The relatives of Edith Schleichardt will have no other answers to their questions.

However, 32 years after the events, Edith Schleichardt’s mother, brother and sister are once again hoping to learn the whole truth about their murder of their daughter and their sister.

They have an ambivalent feeling between the desire to find the author of the crime and the fear of suffering a new disappointment. It brings back very painful memories.” underlines Master Dunac.

Based in Chamonix, the Schleichardt family will have to be patient whatever happens. Because the new methods used by Justice will work to retrace the criminal course of the serial killer, step by step.

These new investigations inspired by the United States consist in taking the author of the crime as the starting point and no longer the victim.

Master Pierre Dunac

Family Lawyer Edith Scheilchardt

The challenge of this new judicial component is to find material elements that will allow Patrice Alègre to be presented before a court of assize.

And the Schleichardt affair will not be the only one to come out of the cupboards in this way. Lhe investigators are wondering more than ever about the period 1990-1997, that is to say seven years during which Patrice Alègre would not have committed any crime. An unlikely hypothesis in the bloody journey of the serial killer.

Cold case: new hope for the family of Edith Schleichardt, who died 32 years ago in Toulouse and possible victim of Patrice Alègre