Châteaubriant: at 79, she tells the story of her family in her second novel

Alix Garnier will be present at the Châteaubriant Book Fair (Loire-Atlantique) on November 19 and 20, 2022. ©L’Éclaireur de Châteaubriant

Residing in Chateaubriant since 1971, Alix Garnier releases his second book The children of the futurewhich follows his first novel The wandering chromosomepublished in 2021. On this occasion she will be present at Book fair and art exhibition them November 19 and 20, 2022.

The author who writes under the pseudonym Astre Van Nottenreleases this second volume in self-publishing.

A futuristic novel to transmit memory

In the first Novel, readers were able to discover Eve’s adventuresa ten-year-old child living on Mars in 2062who takes time trips to discover his family history. Through this story, the author actually tells his own family history.

Indeed, Eve represents his great-granddaughter. It is therefore first for pass on the family memory that Alix Garnier takes up the pen.

I only knew one grandmother. I wish she had told me more stories from the past. With this book I want to send a message for my grandchildren.

If the first volume was above all for his own familythe second aims to speak to all readers. ” The Steps is different”, emphasizes the writer.

“To practice my writing, I sent six pages of letters to an aunt every week. I was also accompanied by a coach, who reads what I write every month”.

History is already written for seven future volumeswhich will give a total work divided into three trilogies. The first centered on the story of her grandparents, the second on her parents and the third on herself. For everyone to identify themselves, the majority of names have been changed. “The reader must be able to live the adventures”.

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The fascination for new technologies

In her adventure through time, the heroine is supported by a artificial intelligence whom she befriended. She must also escape the widespread surveillance in a future where technology is at the service of a threatening entity.

Through these stories, Alix Garnier fully explores her fascination for innovations of all kinds. ” I am passionate through brain development using neuroscience. I am optimistic for the future, knowledge has never been so close at hand for those who want to know”.

Alix Garnier author Châteaubriant Astre Van Notten. The children of the future
The cover of this second volume, Children of the future. ©Astre Van Notten

With its science fiction novelsAstre Van Notten explains that she does not invent new technologies, but only “to bring to fruition what already exists”.
This attraction for technical and scientific development is not totally surprising for this former pharmacistpassed through hospitals in nuclear medicine before setting up her pharmaceutical transaction company.

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Châteaubriant: at 79, she tells the story of her family in her second novel