Castres. At the Céglia, music becomes a family “business”

the essential
At 62, Orlando Céglia, DJ, musician, manager, producer and trader from Castres, specializing in lighting and sound, is preparing the future of his business, which he will pass on to his son Paolo.

Above all, don’t talk to him about retirement. At 62, Orlando Ceglia, this Castrese with multiple hats, remains hyperactive. But that does not prevent this merchant, at the head of the Juke Box sound and lighting equipment sales and rental store in Castres, also a DJ, musician manager and producer from starting to prepare for the future of his business. he created 33 years ago and knew how to develop to be today known, recognized and renowned for his know-how. This is why he has just recruited his son Paulo, 20, to whom he passes on his experience so that the company remains in the family.

A transmission which might seem natural but which was not a foregone conclusion. “I didn’t want to impose anything on Paulo and especially not the rhythm of this work where you’re never at home, you have no weekends, few vacations. It’s hard physically”, explains Orlando who for decades has been criss-crossing the region, the whole of France and even the four corners of the world to mix and animate during parties or set up all the technical part of events of all kinds. So the dad let the son do his own thing and prove himself. So much so that Paolo was convinced that his father did not want to have him by his side.

“I wish he was better than me”

With his science baccalaureate in his pocket, Paolo tried his hand at law school. “It did not connect me”, smiles the one who then started a BTS of optician-lunetier alternately in Toulouse. “I wanted to work. And it was going well when I was in the shop. But not in class, explains this music enthusiast since I was little. mixer.” Paolo also did the conservatory and plays the saxophone and the piano. And he only flourishes when he makes music and composes in his studio dressing room. “I breathe music, I eat music, it’s an obsession,” he says. Dogs are not cats. Paolo was therefore following in the footsteps of his father who realized that he was not happy in his studies. “I am not immortal, one day or another I will have to hand over and I had considered several projects. But Paolo jumped for joy when I proposed to him. And I think he is ready”, Orlando says. “When I received his phone call, I immediately stopped my BTS”, says Paolo enthusiastic. But this does not mean that he arrives “hands in his pockets”. He is following professional training as a market unit manager to have “a little background” and notions of management, accounting and marketing. And it is as a work-study apprentice that Paolo manages the counter of the store and follows his father on the evenings to train “little by little”, especially in all that is technical. “We play and mix together from time to time. I would like him to be better than me when I leave him the keys”, explains Orlando. And there is no conflict of generations. “We get along better at work than at home, laughs Paolo. He’s my boss but he’s also my father so it’s easier to discuss”. So it’s a rolling business. “I would have been unhappy to sell my company to the first comer,” loose Orlando who does not hide his pride in working with his son. “He tells everyone. It touches me because it is close to my heart that the company remains in the family and that he did not do all this for nothing, says Paolo who knows that he still has a lot to learn. When he leaves, I will call him again to help me”.

Father and son have lots of plans

Orlando has made a reputation beyond the borders of France. The DJ has notably mixed in Dubai. And he will go back there but with his son this time. The two are also planning “small tours in Italy”, the country of origin of Castres. They also plan to produce their own electro-house musical creations. But also “revitalizing” the store with regularly animated open house evenings. Finally, Orlando still plans to create an animation school. The reinforcement of his son should allow him to have more time to bring it to fruition.

Castres. At the Céglia, music becomes a family “business”