Castillo expresses condolences to the family of two firefighters killed at the airport

Lima, Nov 18 (EFE).- The President of Peru, Pedro Castillo, expressed his condolences this Friday to the relatives of the two aeronautical firefighters who died this Friday when they collided with a plane taking off at the Jorge Chávez airport, which serves Lime.

“I express my deepest condolences to the relatives of Ángel Torres and Nicolás Santa Gadea, brave firefighters who died in the accident that occurred at the Jorge Chávez Airport,” the president wrote on his Twitter account.

Likewise, the head of state added that his thoughts and prayers are with them.

“I pray for the recovery of the injured,” added Castillo, since a third firefighter was seriously injured and is hospitalized in the Sabogal del Callao hospital, a neighboring town of Lima.

As a result of that crash, the Latam company ship, which was going to fly to the southern Andean city of Juliaca, suffered a fire in the right wing and the tail, which prevented its takeoff and, subsequently, the evacuation of its passengers and crew.

The images of the accident were immediately shared on social networks, as well as of the passengers after the rescue and, in them, it can be seen how several fire vehicles are deployed through the airport and, one of them, gets in the way of the airplane.

After the collision, a severely affected area of ​​the plane can also be seen.

Regarding the injured person, the executive head of the Essalud social security, Aurelio Orellana, reported that a third firefighter who was in the truck that collided with a ship is admitted to the Sabogal hospital because he suffered a severe head injury and facial trauma, which is why which is on mechanical ventilation.

Orellana said his condition is stable, but his injuries are serious because they are at the base of his skull.

Due to the accident, the Public Ministry of Callao opened a preliminary investigation to determine the causes of the accident on the runway of the Jorge Chávez International Airport.

After the report of two deceased aeronautical firefighters and one injured, the Prosecutor’s Office seeks to clarify the facts regarding the possible crimes of culpable homicide and culpable injuries, respectively, he specified in a message on Twitter.

On the other hand, the National Superintendence of Migrations reported that, given the emergency suffered at the country’s main airport, it has arranged to enable migration controls at all airports where some 12 flights have been derived, after the closure of the capital terminal until 1:00 p.m. hours on Saturday.

In the specific case of Pisco, the closest to Lima, the “immigration inspectors are traveling from Lima to control the international flights that arrive,” Migrations added.

As detailed by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, five flights destined for Lima have been diverted to Pisco, where they remain on the ground, another three to the city of Chiclayo, two to Trujillo, one to Iquitos (from Madrid) and another to Arequipa.

All the air terminals in Peru began to receive complaints from the passengers who were affected by the suspension of operations at the Jorge Chávez until Saturday and some citizens were looking for information about their relatives who were scheduled to arrive in Lima this Friday and were unaware of the closure of the air terminal.

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Castillo expresses condolences to the family of two firefighters killed at the airport