Carlaván case: they will ask the family to analyze the declaration of insanity

Tomás Marisco, Secretary of Urban Management of the Municipality, confirmed this morning that the commune is going to “file a criminal complaint marking Carlaván’s conduct in article 193 bis of the Penal Code”, taking into account the repeated traffic incidents that the businessman carried out 66 years old in recent months.

“We are also going to sue him civilly for the years on public roads. And we are establishing some type of contact with the family, to see if in the course of the morning we can meet and express the intention that he arbitrate the means to contemplate the possibility of explore the path to insanity,” he added.

The owner of Droguería Sur was involved in a traffic accident again yesterday, this time at one of the entrances to Bahía Blanca.

In dialogue with Panoramafor LU2, Marisco maintained that “the times the events occurred, he always stated that he was out of place in time and space, something that is obviously established through the reports of Siempre, Transit and Civil Defense, with which we believe that the family should also play a protective role and see if he is in a position to manage on his own or have a guardian.

“Exactly one year ago today actions have been taking place. The administrative channel in the Misdemeanor Court was exhausted and also, it is worth clarifying, there are two complaints for disobedience that are being processed before the Prosecutor’s Office and they still have no resolution. I think there is a clear lethargy of Justice; it seems to me that the leg of Justice is lacking in speeding up times and giving an answer”, he underlined.

The National Road Safety Agency ordered a year ago to suspend Carlaván’s driver’s license, after he was involved in two traffic accidents in a few weeks. In August 2021, he rammed his truck into a house in the Patagonia neighborhood and on September 21, by performing a reckless maneuver, he caused a collision between seven cars in Chiclana at 500.

On August 9 of this year there was an accident, also in Chiclana at 500, with a van that hit a car that was about to park and fled. For that fact, the businessman was also targeted. In addition, this year the businessman was found guilty of minor injuries for running over a protester during a picket line in 2008.

“The issue of the family is not something that the Municipality has interference with,” Marisco clarified, “but at least it has opened an instance of dialogue. And it is worth clarifying that the criminal complaint and article 193 bis that we are going to point to, is a grabbed by the hair (sic) according to different opinions of criminal lawyers,” he continued.

“In any case, it serves to move the hornet’s nest even more because we are going to try all the ways. There is no clear tool to act in this case, it must be a matter of study for the drafting of some more forceful norm,” the official insinuated.

“In this case, as a third party is not involved and by colliding with an inanimate object, the danger is further demonstrated. It seems to me that it is the right time to file a criminal complaint. Perhaps it could have been done before, but now there is other elements”, completed Marisco.

Carlaván case: they will ask the family to analyze the declaration of insanity