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In September 1997, as soon as it was released Ally McBeal On Fox, Calista Flockhart went on to become an international star. Until that date, she had only starred in several productions of the Off-Broadway scene and the occasional minor role, both on television and on the big screen. However, despite the good audience data that the fiction created by David E. Kelley garnered – especially its first four seasons – there were many voices that were vicious with the actress for reasons as varied as her extreme thinness or, for example, , embody a histrionic single lover of miniskirts.

On June 29, 1998, five months after winning the Golden Globe for Best Comedy Actress for a television series, American newsstands woke up to a controversial Time magazine cover. It featured the heads of Susan B. Anthony, Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem, in black and white, accompanied by that of Calista Flockhart –not Ally McBeal– in color. In the headline was a question: “Is feminism dead?”.

“Much of feminism has devolved into silliness. And for this, she has powerful support: a popular culture that insists on offering images of single adult women as overwhelmed and self-absorbed girls”, wrote then columnist Ginia Bellafante. And she added: “The series, for the few who may have missed it, centers on a 28-year-old Ivy League lawyer from Boston who never seems to need the body-concealing clothing that the Northeast climate often requires. Ally spends much of her time fantasizing about her ex-boyfriend, who is married and in the office next door to her, and manages to make references to her shattered love life in almost every one of her interventions. She has seizures in supermarkets because there are so few cans of Pringles. When does she work, how does she keep her job, why does she think it’s okay to ask her secretary why she hasn’t given her a birthday present…? They are all mysteries.”

Calista Flockhart in ‘Ally McBeal’.

Oddly enough, the actress never defended herself against those criticisms. Who did talk about it was Ken Olin, executive producer of Five brothersthe series with which she returned to television after Ally McBeal. “Wherever it appears, for whatever reason, it is a lightning rod for media, scrutiny and a certain kind of resentment. It must have been hard for her. She hurt her feelings. When she’s considered an icon and you embody things that annoy a lot of people, like a man-hungry, neurotic woman who’s a setback for intelligent, liberated women, people snap at you. The character of Ally McBeal represented something that she is not, ”she verbalized her in Los Angeles Times.

Flockhart did not respond publicly to his critics because he had his mind set on something more important: in early 2001, a year before Fox canceled Ally McBeal, adopted a newborn named Liam. In fact, although she did not stop receiving interesting job offers, she waited five years to get in front of the cameras: his priority was his baby. She only agreed to play Republican Kitty Walker, in Five brotherswhen they guaranteed that he would not have to move from Los Angeles and would shoot, at most, two or three days a week.

“Certainly, I missed acting. But I loved being a mother, ”she confessed in 2006 to CinemaBlend about how to reconcile personal and professional life. “As any mother can tell you, you stay home with a two-year-old 24 hours a day, your brain fills with mush and you start to wish you were working. And then when you work, you sadly wish you were home. It is a hard dilemma that I now understand.”

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart, one of the most stable and long-lived couples in Hollywood. Photo: Getty

Likewise, Flockhart was also questioned about his relationship with Harrison Ford. Ever since they met at the 2002 Golden Globes, where the actor was awarded the Cecil B. DeMille Award for his lifetime achievement, many tabloids doubted that theirs would work. The reason? His age difference. “It doesn’t bother me. Sometimes I even say, ‘Wow, I keep forgetting that he’s 22 years older than me.’ It doesn’t affect our relationship at all. I like the look of him first thing in the morning. He is not handsome, he is rather cute. He looks like a little boy”, he declared to Hello! Magazine in 2003. The bad omens never came true: in 2010 they were married in Santa Fe, in an informal ceremony in which he wore Wrangler jeans and she a modest white dress, and today they form one of the most solid and long-lived couples from Hollywood.

The last time the actress participated in a feature film was in 2005. Specifically, in the supernatural thriller fragile, directed by the Catalan Jaume Balagueró. And, as far as television is concerned, he once concluded Five brothershe has barely been seen in two chapters of WebTherapy -in 2014-, the second season of fullcircle -in 2015- and in super girl. In the latter, her participation diminished considerably: since the series stopped shooting in California and moved to Vancouver to cut costs, Flockhart only lent herself to being away from her family during the second season. That is the reason why from the third to the sixth she appeared in few episodes.

Flockhart’s resurgence, however, is a reality. This same year, taking advantage of the fact that his son started college and left the family nest, he starred at the Geffen Playhouse theater in Los Angeles, a new version of Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?. In addition, it has been confirmed that next year we will be able to see her playing Lee Radziwill, Jackie Kennedy’s sister, in the long-awaited second season of Feud, the series created by Ryan Murphy, Jaffe Cohen and Michael Zam. About to turn 58, the actress who denies social networks – she has no active account – and put her loved ones before her fame, has everything ready to shine again.

Calista Flockhart, the return of the misunderstood star who put her family before the glamor of Hollywood | Fashion | S Fashion THE COUNTRY