Britney Spears: these terrifying new revelations about her family!

In this article, we reveal to you terrifying revelations about the family of Britney Spears. They are chilling!

You know the disastrous relationship that Britney Spears has with her father Jamie Spears. But do you know the history of his own family? MCE TV makes you big terrifying revelations!

A broken relationship

Britney Spears is on very bad terms with her own father. She hates him to no end since he put her under guardianship. For years, the star has acagreed to entrust him with the keys to his freedom.

But now she’s ready for anything to take back the reins of his life. You know, Britney Spears is no longer under guardianship. But she revealed that her father continued to harass her to get her to testify under oath again.

Britney Spears even revealed that Jamie Spears allegedly tried to kill her : ” I’m fine. I’m alive. … The hardest part is knowing that they were just mean. And that I really felt like my dad was trying to kill me.”

But while Jamie Spears was punished by justicehe would continue to bully his daughtere. This is what Britney Spears’ lawyer says: They seek to embarrass and intimidate Britney Spears while trying to justify Jamie Spears’ attitude.

Jamie Spears does not let go! But the judge does not acceptread his new confidential pieces. According to her, it is very “inappropriate for Jamie Spears to submit these documents”.

Poor Britney Spears! She is still too fragile at the moment. Let’s hope the man in her life cheers her up as it should.

Britney Spears: her family is terrifying

If Britney Spears has been facing horror for several years with her father, know that her father also has a dark family file on his back. Indeed, the singer’s father suffered badly.

In 1966, Jamie Spears’ mother, Emma Jean Spears, was found dead at the cemetery where one of her children was buried. Her husband explained to the police that she had already made three suicide attempts in the paste.

But beware of lies! After an investigation of several days, the New York Magazine made a strange discovery on the station wagon of Britney Spears. Journalists therefore assumed that the paternal father of Jamie Spears could have killed his wife.

And for good reason ! Everyone considered him a mean man, who had no problem hurting others. Know that he did not focus much on his family. Barely married, he goes to war and misses his son’s education for a year.

When he returns, he will therefore become very mean.t with Britney Spears’ father. The latter will therefore undergo very difficult sports training. He will have to train until “exhaustion”.

Moreover ! Jo Ann Blackwell, another wife of Jamie’s dad also revealed that her husband had beaten her and “committed many acts of cruelty” against him.

Britney Spears: these terrifying new revelations about her family!