Bribes to the Miur: the “plan” to have Boda and his family vaccinated in Israel

from Fulvio Fiano and Ilaria Sacchettoni

The ministerial executive and the publisher planned to bypass the vaccination campaign in Italy. The case of the 640 thousand euros from the banks of San Marino

In the complex relationship between the director of the Ministry of Education Giovanna Boda and the publisher Federico Bianchi di Castelbianco it happens, at a certain point, that the latter must satisfy (in addition to more voluptuous requests) also his health needs, such as anticipating the anti Covid vaccination. We are at the dawn of the campaign and other countries are proving to be more at the forefront of administering drugs against the virus. Boda then presses on her “partner”, the man who has already provided her with gifts and favors, so that he can find the way to ensure her new vaccinated status.

To her, her husband and her parents. Bianchi confides on the phone with a friend. It’s a hassle but saying no feels embarrassing, perhaps even risky. So we get to work. “Bianchi di Castelbianco in conversation with a man continues to move about the vaccine requested by Boda to be made in Israel by her parents, Stellacci and Tinagli (the latter are collaborators of her, ed). For the moment, Israel’s road does not seem viable, ”the financiers of the currency police unit, coordinated by prosecutor Carlo Villani, record in their report. Meanwhile, irritation emerges: “I could – the publisher says intercepted – if you give me some indication, buy four plane tickets because people have become four, monstrous pain in the ass who, however …”.

It is only a project but it betrays the dependence matured by the ministerial manager towards the former number one of the Dire agency. Trips. Do you live. Relax. Everything ends up in the payroll of Bianchi di Castelbianco. A well-established mechanism to create a supply of money to distribute (through false invoicing) proves to be appropriate for the purpose and almost unbeatable: “As long as we can go ahead with the bills you can put something aside,” says Nicola Cirillo, the partner of Valentina Franco, Boda’s right arm intercepted.

The unexpected that threatens to precipitate things is a certain clumsiness of Boda. According to at least the interceptions attached to the documents of the investigation: “There in the middle there is a very important man from San Marino from the diplomatic corps who gave him 640 thousand euros, okay? And this idiot went to get them and deposit them in the bank … okay? Here … so … San Marino must be very careful to do things … now the whole diplomatic corps is missing ». The speaker is a San Marino, Antonio Russo who, on the phone with a friend subjected to wiretapping, complains about a series of risks from Boda’s attempted suicide (which appeared in newspapers in 2021) and even more from the deposit of about 640 thousand euros made by the same executive on the own accounts. The (fragmentary) dialogue does not clarify all the questions but it is certain that it is money coming from an extraterritorial bank and destined to be exported: “The conversation between the two interlocutors – the investigators note – began with a speech inherent to a commercial investment which involved the Czech Republic and which had to be carried out through characters gravitating to San Marino ».

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September 11, 2022 (change September 11, 2022 | 08:24)

Bribes to the Miur: the “plan” to have Boda and his family vaccinated in Israel