Belen Rodriguez celebrates her birthday with her family

Casual look and children: no sparkling party for the Argentine showgirl who wanted De Martino by her side

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And I’m 38. Belen Rodriguez he celebrated his birthday in Milan together with his closest affections. No big party and no big party for the Argentine showgirl, who in all these years has shown that she is not a lover of worldliness. And so, those who expected a party with all the trappings were disappointed by Belen’s choice. There were few guests invited to the party of the Argentine showgirl, who showed up at the restaurant with a very sober and decidedly casual look. Around her there were her loved ones dearest to her, her lifelong relatives and friends, who did not want to miss the opportunity.

The low-profile party


Belén Rodriguez confirms the return of the flame with Stefano De Martino

Belen Rodriguez has chosen a well-known restaurant in Milan to surround herself with the love of her closest circle of acquaintances and with them celebrate the arrival of 38 years. It was she herself who shared some shots on her social profile, where she also showed her daughter Luna Marì, who has recently turned her first year of age. The little one is also present Santiago and a part of his family, which Belen wanted with him. The relationship that binds her to her family is well known: the Rodriguez “clan” has a very close bond that is emphasized on every public and non-public occasion. For the party, the Argentine showgirl wore a camel-colored blazer, a pair of pants, and gathered her hair into a high ponytail.

Image taken from the Instagram profile @antonia_achille

Birthday with De Martino


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The 36 and 37 years were celebrated by Belen together with Antonino Spinalbese, father of the little Luna Marì. It was a great love, a passion that was consumed quickly but which left the important fruit of her. Now, for 38 years, he is back alongside Belen Stefano de Martino, father of Santiago. It is the third time that the two have tried to be together. Now, for a few months, they have returned to being a united family and she who knows if this is not the right time for the showgirl, to find that sentimental stability that she has always sought next to the man she has always loved.

Belen Rodriguez celebrates her birthday with her family